Why You Should Buy Cigars in Bundles

Why You Should Buy Cigars in Bundles

That’s quite the bold claim in the title, isn’t it? Maybe it is coming across a little too strongly, but that is just to stress the point that for cigar smokers, buying cigar bundles is a good option to consider. You might be missing out by passing on that option. There is a handful of reasons to justify making that claim, as you will see below. At the very least, give the idea of buying cigars by the bundle a fair chance and see if it is actually the right choice for you. There is more to buying cigar bundles than getting a bunch of cigars all at once.

Get A Discount

First and foremost is the obvious discount you will be getting from buying cigar bundles. Getting a discount when buying cigars you were already going to purchase sounds too good to pass up. Love Oliva Maduro cigars? Get the 7×50 Oliva Maduro bundle deal. Prefer the Gold line of cigars from the same brand? Go for the 6×50 Oliva Madura bundle. There is virtually no risk involved since these are cigars that you know and love. You are just buying a few more at a time and saving on the amount that you would have spent if you were making repeat purchases throughout the year.

Share Them With Friends & Family

If you are lucky enough to have a good group of friends and family that you get to share time with sitting around smoking cigars, then this is an even better deal for you. Make the call for which types of cigars you want to have on hand and play host one night. You can play nice and pick out something that you know everyone will enjoy or choose your personal favorite and introduce them to your group as a sort of “cigar tasting”. This offers a great opportunity for others to offer to host and turn your cigar tasting into a monthly gathering. Solitude is nice here and there, but there is nothing like having a good time with good company and good cigars.

Makes a Great Gift

Cigar bundles make an excellent gift. This sets you up perfectly when one of your smoking buddies has an upcoming birthday or if there is an upcoming holiday. Buy something you know they already like or combine something they like with something new to give them an opportunity to expand their cigar collection. A cigar bundle also makes quite the sophisticated gift for a gentleman on his wedding day. He can celebrate the joyous occasion with one and enjoy the rest in the days to come.

The points are hard to argue. For the average cigar smoker, buying cigar bundles is a great idea. When making a purchase for yourself or for a fellow cigar lover, bundle deals are a good way to save money on things you would already be buying. Those dedicated to only one or two types of cigars may find this to be the only way to shop. Those who like to mix it up and have more variety can still enjoy the benefits of buying cigar bundles.

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