Why should you utilize the Bigo Live clone app solution?

Ply your trade in the live streaming market with a customizable Bigo live clone solution

Want to exist in the live streaming market?

This market is being anticipated to be a USD 100 billion market in 2023. Such is the demand for consuming live videos these days! Well, to try and leverage this demand, businesses use online live streaming apps to reach out to their target audience.

Well, the businesses use it as a marketing tool, however, the incessant demand for live video has opened up doors for entrepreneurs!

Why should you venture into the live streaming market?

In simple, Live streaming is nothing but allowing the users to broadcast live videos in real-time! Of course, it was used to be a popular concept among the gamers, nowadays, it’s being used in different spheres. According to recent reports, even when people want to obtain information, 60% of them prefer watching videos rather than reading a blog (Dear remaining 40%, we are grateful for you!)

Before developing an app like Bigo Live, you should know, in whichever industries, the live streaming app is being used;

  • Gaming sector
  • Businesses use it as a marketing promotion tool
  • Fitness industry –To offer live training classes
  • Education sector – To offer live tutorials
  • Healthcare sector –To offer online Doctor consultations
  • And, much more!

As an example, Fenty Beauty – an American Cosmetics brand has amassed almost a million viewers during its “makeup line” product launch through live video streaming. Not only they made it a product launch, but the event also had interviews, loud music, and much more to make it engaging!The brand used the live streaming concept better and has been reaping the benefits ever since it started using.

Reasons to go with Bigo live clone script

  • First and foremost is, by developing a Bigo live clone app, you can provide the option of mobile live video streaming for your users
  • For marketing purposes though, it allows you to have a real-time conversation with each customer
  • Eventually, this personalized conversation with customers can result in good lead generation
  • Since the customers get to know about your hand, it can result in a positive impact on your business
  • Last but not least, you can get all the features in your app like Bigo Live!

Not only the features from an app like Bigo Live, but you can also add as many features you want by customizing the app clone script!

How to build your live streaming app?

Firstly, determine the reason you are going to develop a live streaming app. If it is for your business, ensure what are all features you want in your app. If you want to explore an entrepreneurial opportunity out of it, conduct market research. Well, that can say everything about your target demographic, and you can determine the features based on the users’ preferences.

Secondly, regardless of your niche, leverage native mobile app development to lure userbase from every platform (Android, iOS, etc.) Then, choose an app development company that is capable of developing native mobile apps! In this way, you can enhance the userbase of your live streaming app

Last but not least, choose a live streaming clone script that offers features like Intuitive UI, Offline viewing, Scalability and Flexibility, Location-based trendy live videos, and monetization features!


It’s not only Bigo Live clone that is available in the market, but you can also get numerous clone apps, including the Periscope clone.

We hope that this article servesas a guide for those who are looking to develop their live streaming app.

If you are unclear about any information mentioned here, do not hesitate to reach us.

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