Why Should You Use RV Stabilizer Jacks?

There are a thousand and one things a responsible RV owner needs to know how to use, how to do, and to keep on hand. RV Awnings have special requirements for use and care. An RV fridge must be kept very level all the time to prevent damage. Without using water softeners, you can damage your RVs pipes and appliances, thereby affecting its utility but also affecting its value.

That is a small – a very small – and brief listing of a few of the different things with which RV owners need to become familiar in order to get the most out of their lifestyle and their equipment. The truth is, the more you know, the better, and that holds as much here as it does elsewhere.

Adding to this list of required skills and equipment are RV stabilizer jacks. Not every RV needs them, and you might run into situations wherein you don’t need to use them, but there are quite a few reasons why they are worth their price and why you should put them into use when you take your camper out on the road.

The basic function of RV stabilizer jacks is to stabilize RVs that are set up in camp to prevent rocking, both side to side and front to back rocking. This distinguished them from leveling jacks, which are used to level your RV if the surface on which it is resting is not. While leveling jacks are essential to prevent damage to your RV and its components, they should not be confused – or used interchangeably with – stabilizing jacks. Leveling jacks are intended to be able to support the weight of an RV, whereas stabilizers only stabilize them.

With that behind us, here are a few reasons that you might want to use stabilizer jacks the next time you take your RV out and set up camp. Once you set up camp and move around your RV, you will know if you need to use them right away. Heavier RVs are inherently more stable when balanced under their own weight, but lighter RVs will rock and sway as you walk around and move things inside of them. If your RV moves, it’s time to deploy the stabilizers that you brought along.

The stabilizers don’t just help prevent rocking and swaying; they also help to prevent stress and damage to your RV from prolonged use. Not only will the stabilizers help prevent damage due to rocking and vibration, but they will also help to prevent anything inside the RV from shifting. In fact, stabilizers will help prevent the RV itself from shifting or sinking, which can happen on some surfaces and can be damaging to your RV.

In short, stabilizing RV jacks can help prevent damage to your RV and can help prevent it from shifting or sinking on the ground that is less than amenable to having a camper rest on top of it. If you’re looking for a solution for stability, you can’t go wrong with the amazing selection at RV Upgrades at RVUpgradeStore.com.

RV Upgrades has a number of scissor jacks, slide-out stabilizing jacks, jack pads to help prevent jacks from sinking into soft ground, and even electric stabilizing systems. In the event that your RV does not come with a leveling or stabilizing system, RV Upgrades has a number of solutions.

Additionally, even if you are familiar with which one to use, you can call up their customer service team for pointers. They’ll help you figure out what works for your unique situation so that you can be ahead of the game the next time you head out on the road. Check out their website, RVUpgradeStore.com, and if you have any questions or need advice, call their team at 866-332-7881.

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