Why should You Invest More in Customer Experience in this Pandemic?

The outbreak of COVID-19 thoroughly changes the way of working of each sector. Many sectors are still working by implementing remote work, while due to the different business profiles, some businesses are not capable of working remotely. But everyone is trying to give their best under this circumstance. Business leaders are dealing with various challenges that occur in a present situation to ensure the continuity of business.

When it’s coming on recruitment, for instance, should continue the recruitment process or need to cut short.

Under this abnormal condition, acquiring the talent is a struggle but, many businesses are taking the technology in the frame in order to hire a new talent like video interview software, one-way video interview software, video conference tools, etc, and to overcome the challenges, recruiting agencies are adopting Applicant Tracking Software or CRM to survive the market. This software helps to handle the online recruitment process and optimize the workflow. It’s quicker, cheaper, and productive to recruit digitally during the pandemic.

But one of the most potentially challenging challenges is to offer a seamless candidate experience in the online hiring process. Candidate experience becomes prominent during the crisis, where the whole recruitment process is happening digitally, with no real-time interaction.

[Note:- Candidate experience is about creating experience by the employer/ recruiter that feel real, authentic, and humize

Hence, let’s see why to invest in Candidate Experience during the COVID-19.

Help To Obtain The Right Talent

Every company, organization, and business desire is to acquire the right and best talent. Before the pandemic reaching to the right talent was quite effortless work but after the outbreak, it became a rigid task.  

Hence, investment in candidate experience during the pandemic will help you to obtain the best candidate. Good candidate experience encourages the candidates to stick with you and make them believe, is how you treat your employees.  As we know, getting the employee in this condition is a little tougher, so if you don’t want to refrain any chance of losing a right candidate must focus on candidate experience.

Candidate wants to join the company that treated them well; many candidates leave the recruitment just because of poor experience, here is the loss for the employer.

Diminish The Time Of Hire

The recruitment process is undoubtedly a time-consuming activity. And it becomes a more and more time-consuming process due to the social distancing policy, the whole process is done digitally. A streamline candidate experience where the application process is the easiest part will directly move the company to the top list of the active candidates.

Keep applicants updated about the hiring process and ensure that the business has a user-friendly website that compels them for submission. The more pure list of most deserving candidates will diminish the time of hire as you have already reached top talents. A good candidate experience will compel many other people to apply for the position.

Every Candidate Is Potential Customer

The wave of COVID-19 brought a pack of heavy losses for the business. And businesses lost their numerous customers and beneficial deals. Now businesses are seeking for the new customers to survive in the market.

Every candidate is a potential customer for the company. It is the huge chance that the unselected candidates convert into the customer. The conversion is possible when businesses will treat the candidate well.  Investment to improve the candidate experience during the crisis will amplify the possibility of conversion. 80 percent of those with unsatisfied experience of the recruitment process are relieved openly about their bad experience and make other people think twice before choosing your product and company.  

Serve a better candidate experience will encourage other people to choose your product. In this extraordinary situation, a business does not need customers. Investment in candidate experience indirectly improves the rate of conversion.

Reduce The Churn Rate

Due to the downmarket during the pandemic either customers are turning toward the less expensive alternative solution or terminating the contract at all. As a COVID-19’s impact, many businesses lost their bulk of customers and suffered from the heavy loss.

It is a critical time where businesses don’t want to mislay even a single customer. Might be businesses are serving their best to the existing customer, but their behavior toward the candidates also matters. Poor candidate experience is not the only reason for hard to attract new customers, but it creates a noticeable impact on your existing customers.

Terrible statements of unsatisfied candidates straightforwardly form a misleading impact on the customers.  Being a reason churn rate will increase. Therefore, invest in the candidate experience to reduce the churn rate during the COVID-19.

Improve The Employer Branding

High employer branding gains the full trust of the candidates and customers. During the pandemic, candidates can only trust the company on the basis of their employer branding, thus improvement in employer branding is a must currently.

Candidate Review is essential and forge the image of the employer in the eyes of other people. Unselected candidates with streamlined experience will always say something good about your brand by giving reviews on the website or commenting on social media.  Their reviews can make or break your employer branding easily.

Hence, businesses want to create a trustworthy image in the market, so maximum candidates and customers reach them in this condition, then they have to invest in candidate experience.

Candidate Experience is something that is always in the priority list of the companies even after the pandemic. Creating a positive candidate experience requires enough time and thoughts, but at the end of the day, it will pay off by building a good employer branding and make you able to hire the best candidate.

So, start planning for investment and improve the candidate experience. Because candidate experience is worthy.

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