Why set up a business intelligence solution?

Why set up a business intelligence solution?

The business intelligence (BI) technology is a process of analysis of the data usable and presentation of information that helps executives (or any other user) of a company to make decisions knowingly. BI encompasses a wide variety of tools and methodologies that allow companies to collect data from an  internal information system (ERP, CRM, etc.) and external data sources. It is used to prepare this data for analysis and to create reports , dashboards and data visualizations to make these analyzes available to the company’s decision-makers, as well as to operational staff.

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Find in detail our definition of business intelligence .

Achieve business goals through predictive analytics

The business intelligence systems provide you with historical views, current, and predictive of your data. Analyze this data to better understand and drive your business.

, Why set up a business intelligence solution?

Imagine dashboards that allow you to see simply and in detail the data that is essential for your business.

Setting up a business intelligence solution in your company could allow you to highlight these key indicators and thus predict the impact of your future actions. Thanks to data visualization and analysis you will be able to go much further than  with spreadsheets , it will be easier for you to know what goals to set and how to achieve them. Create personalized reports that will help you make the right decisions.

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Improve your efficiency in your business processes

Business intelligence solutions will allow you to optimize the working time of your employees by automating certain tasks. Anything that does not add value to your business can be seen as wasted time: this includes operational and administrative work that can be automated with a BI solution . The business intelligence is the work that the employees responsible for data entry or data analysts must repeat, as the organization of data, deduplication and other repetitive tasks.

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Data processing is done more simply and quickly with a BI solution .

The benefit is twofold: First, employees can devote their time to more intensive tasks, which increases overall productivity. A decision system can save time and money and reduce human errors. It also allows users to identify the organization’s performance level with current staff in order to grow or reduce your workforce accordingly. The decision-making role of this analysis tool extends to all available company data.

Stand out from the competition with Business Intelligence

The various actions that you can take thanks to business intelligence will allow you to develop a certain competitive advantage. Here are some examples :

Better understand your customers’ behavior

Improve customer relations by identifying their expectations

Identify a trend

Control more precisely your stocks of products or services

Develop faster analysis capacity

The possibilities of business intelligence are specific to each company, you can focus your strategy according to your analysis and reporting needs .