Why preparing a Project Report is Necessary?

Writing evidence of tasks, processes, and activities that you (mostly students) undertake and accomplish while pursuing your projects is known as Project Report. The report of a project is a detailed document that contains a plan, its objectives, and the challenges in it. A detailed profile project report consists of evaluations and calculations of the project.

Importance of a Project Report

A project report is a complete documentation of your project’s progress and allows you to monitor the project till the end.As the report is solid documentation of your work, it helps you analyze it without being blindly hoping the project’s progress and help you in making further decisions.

Project report guarantee you to make a constant flow of information about your project. If you’re doing a project for a stakeholder, it would be easy for them to communicate, manage, and follow your project instantly.

To increase stakeholder’s confidence upon the project manager and the project, it is mandatory to update the status of how the project is doing. It is not wise to keep your stakeholders to be not aware of your project.

At times, a report helps you to convey the progress of your project in a better way.

Things to prepare while writing a Report

Writing a project report is not a difficult task. However, some organizations often require you to follow some instructions to write a report. The simple way of writing a report is:

• Your thoughts and ideas should easily be reflected in the report to make the audience with whom you are doing the project and make them clear about your project.

• Always focus on the result of the project and not the details. You should only focus on the outcome of the project.

• Keep it short. Don’t make your report go beyond one page. If it gets long, unwanted pieces of information would be included without knowledge.

List of Elements required for a Project Report

Every report might not be the same. The elements of the project report may differ from one report to the other. To make your project report more attractive you should take help from technical project consultancy.

The common elements are:

1. Project data

2. Summary

3. Actual progress vs. planned progress

4. Risks and issues

5. Next step

1. Project data

The project data explains the content of your project. Below are the necessary things to be incorporated into this section.

• Project name

• Project ID

• Date of report

• Project completion date

• Name of project manager

2. Summary

The summary of the report includes the project’s scope and the main objective of the report. The body of the summary also holds the planned % complete and the actual % complete. The summary should not be longer than a few sentences. The maximum acceptable content is two paragraphs.

3. Actual progress vs Planned Progress

This section of the report includes the percentage of the planned progress and actual progress. It includes the milestones and the key accomplishments of the project. This section also may contain the actual and planned cost of the project.

4. Risks and Issues

This section of the report includes the risks and issues that may come while pursuing the project and should also contain the ways how to overcome it.

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