Why metal shingles are a great roofing option

Several aspects make metal an ideal choice for the roofing material. Some of the desirable characteristics of metal shingles sheets as roofing material include their durability, fire safety, resistance to algae and mildew growth, low weight, wind resistance, and recyclability in addition to many others we can add to the list. Metal standing seam roofs are becoming a popular option among the constructors. The other popular option is metal shingles especially for those that would look for shingle appearance. Though shingles can be a bit expensive option, they are a netter option as they can give the appearance of natural materials. Nevertheless, you can gain from the fact that they do not require any maintenance costs and do not carry the risks associated with the natural materials. You will also get to save due to the lower insurance premiums. 

Why metal shingles for roofing?

Metal shingles are achieved creating an air space in between the metal and the roof deck. This air space makes up a thermal break that will stop the heat conduction from the roof surface into the attic. This function is similar to what happens when a dead air space is created in between to glass layers in a thermal pane window. Study results published by Florida Solar Energy Center tell us that the brown metal shingles endowed with a high reflectance capacity can reduce heat gain by 40.9% when compared with the conventional asphalt shingles. This happens due to the airspace achieved between the metal and the roof deck. During cold weather, the top of the ceilings need to be insulated as it is done with other kinds of tiles.

Making of metal shingles

Steel metal shingles are manufactured from steel and a zinc or zinc and aluminum metal coating is applied on top of the carbon steel. This is anti-corrosive in nature and this coating protects the sheet from rusting. For added protection, the manufacturers usually implement a paint finish or aggregate coating finish. In some cases, metal shingle re also manufactured from a=copper and aluminum which are by nature rust free materials.

History of metal roofing

For quite some time in history, we find the use of metal roof. In his homeat Monticello and in some other buildings, Thomas Jefferson employed metal shoot roofing. Some businesses like IHOP and Dunkin’ Donuts have also been using metal shingles for so long. At present, the market share of metal roofing in the residential sector is 14%, says the Metal Roofing Alliance. For the first time, commercial grade metal shingles were developed by Kaiser Aluminum in 1959. Later, Isaiah Industries bought out their product line in the year 1980. The other companies that we see around today manufacturing metal roofing came up after 1980. 

Metal shingles Ottawa is growing in popularity

Several advancements have been made in the metal shingle roofing arena and they have become increasingly popular these days. Metal shingles of these days are stamped to resemble other class of materials like slate, wood shakes, tiles, and standard shingles. The variegated paint coatings done on the metal shingles achieve multi-hued finishes that replicate those of slate, wood, asphalt shingles and others.

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