Why Kokilaben Hospital is Famous Hospital in Mumbai

Why Kokilaben Hospital is Famous Hospital in Mumbai

Good health is a state that helps an individual in physical, mental, and social well-being. Being healthy enables you to find the meaning of life where you achieve goals and enhance life quality. But like the good or bad time, disease or infirmity can not be controlled by a human and can occur anytime. Simultaneously, the medical unit or healthcare sector aimed to work as a lifesaver for us. In the past few years, India’s Healthcare sector has come so far and yet to go a long distance. Incredibly, one of the most populated city Mumbai has India’s best public health infrastructures and health specialists to serve the best in the medical field. Known as a health capital, Mumbai has numerous quality hospitals serving beyond health challenges among the patients. Mumbai has been home to several hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes, and medical centers to aid everyone’s good quality medical care. 

The city has various allopathic and Ayurveda clinics operated by several genuine doctors practicing alternate medical therapies. Certified hospitals with skilled and qualified doctors with good experience in the medical sector are vital strengths. These hospitals offer Medical super specialties like Surgery, Gynecology, IVF, radiotherapy, cryotherapy, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Dental Surgery, Ophthalmology, and many more. The varsity of available hospital options makes it challenging to select a hospital for a patient and their loved one. To help you out, here are some criteria and factors that will help you to find the best hospitals available in Mumbai as per your concern.

Finding a hospital – if you are new to the city and unaware of which hospital or clinic to choose, you can do the following – 

  • Search online and choose a hospital is the most sophisticated. Various online portals like Credihealth can help you to advise the best hospital near your area or specialty hospital you require.
  • Online research allows you to compare hospitals based on a wide range of factors, including quality of service, patient’s reviews, waiting time, availability of treatments, etc.

When you have limited options for a particular specialty, Not all hospitals can provide treatment for all conditions or diseases meeting all international standards. Getting a quality treatment at an affordable cost is also a concern for most of us. One can’t choose a hospital in the absence of the following facilities, which are essential for the speedy and quality diagnosis and treatment, such as:

  • 24*7 emergency services
  • Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinics, where you must be seen by a doctor within the 2-week maximum waiting time
  • Availability of Mental health services
  • Less waiting time with an easy registration process
  • Modern & Cutting-edge technology
  • 24-hour pharmacy, Fully equipped ICU, operation theatre, access to the blood bank, ambulance services for patient’s convenience
  • Qualified & skilled doctor and nurses and clinic-trial based treatment 

The Best hospital in Mumbai: Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai, is the best healthcare that emphasizes excellence in medical services, diagnostic facilities, and research activities. The hospital has a top-notch infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies, and, last but not least, the best affordable quality treatment for all. Internationally trained doctors follow a standardized protocol that helps them deliver consistent care to the patient, and trained nurses and caregiver staff ensure personalized and palliative care. Some key feature of Kokilaben hospital Mumbai mentioned below – 

  • The hospital ranked no 1 in the best hospital survey for the last five years
  • Specialized medical unit for every super-specialty
  • Hospital has India’s first Trilogy machine to deliver precision radiation treatment by IGRT and IMRT modalities in suitable cancer patients
  • 24*7 rapid monitoring system for intensive care
  • Biggest OT complex with 22 Operating Theatres.
  • Availability of all medical facilities like labs, pharma, cafeteria, Mediclaim processing unit, etc. under a single roof

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