Why invest in digital marketing?

Digital marketing brings a real revolution in the way we grow our business. SMEs are doing all they can to keep up with changes in the behavior of their customers. Traditional businesses are changing their business model to strengthen their online business. At the same time, they are reviewing their overall marketing strategy.

Their purpose is simple: “to capture a part of the Digital Marketing Services which is only growing “.

Do you want to evaluate your web strategy to develop your business?

Attracting your target customers to your website makes all the difference with an inactive online business. Getting visitors to your site is the 1st step. Then, you have to transform them into contacts, subscribers, customers. Digital marketing offers you many tools to capture leads, generate leads, and retain your customers. Among the most profitable internet marketing levers:

Referencing (SEO)

Paid SEO


Content Marketing

Social media …

These digital strategies offer companies the best opportunities to grow quickly and sustainably.

Are you asking yourself why you should invest in your digital marketing? Here are 9 reasons that show you his interest and why he helps you in the development of your business.

1. Digital marketing makes business accessible to everyone

Previously, marketing campaigns were reserved for companies with a large advertising budget, multinationals. Today, digital marketing has redistributed the cards. The company that starts up and has few means competes with the biggest. She no longer has any complexes to have and takes her end of the bargain.

With digital marketing, even a freelance starting a business can set up a simple business process that was previously impossible. No need for a call center, we can communicate easily and efficiently with several customers, who are sometimes at the end of the world. I experience it every week.

2. Web marketing is more profitable than traditional marketing

SMEs do not always have an unlimited promotional budget. A digital strategy provides it with an extremely profitable marketing channel that offers fast and measurable results. A Gartner report indicates that a large proportion of companies say they realize significant savings by using web marketing to promote their products and services.

This is the main reason why marketing budgets are gradually shifted to digital. The graph below shows that the cost of leads generated by web marketing actions is significantly lower than that of traditional media.

3. Digital offers the best conversion rates

The conversion rate is one of the main elements to measure the interest of web marketing actions. It allows you to know the percentage of traffic that is converted into leads, subscribers, requests for quotes, and sales. Traffic acquisition is useless if there is no conversion. This is why we measure the impact of an advertising campaign in a concrete way. This makes it possible to optimize the conversion rate which is now the number one priority.

There are marketing and technical tools such as SEO, content marketing, social media, and emailing. Digital communication allows rapid and efficient interaction with a target audience. This produces results far superior to traditional media.

4. Digital communication contributes to revenue growth

For you and your business, digital communication achieves excellent conversion rates that will increase your income. A joint study by Ipsos and Google confirms this. The implementation of a digital communication strategy brings 2.8 times more results than a traditional strategy.

This expectation of income growth generates 3.3 times more chances of increasing its activity. This offers prospects for expansion into new markets. Google says the internet is the most powerful growth driver for small businesses.

5. Web marketing facilitates interaction

One reason why digital marketing takes precedence over traditional methods is the ability of its tools to interact in real-time with a target audience. He expects real commitment from a brand, and the brand can deliver. The proactivity enabled by the internet offers companies the opportunity to stand out clearly.

Digital Marketing in Pakistan can understand a lot of things about your business target. By engaging in dialogue, web marketing allows you to know your customers’ expectations, their needs, and how to raise their awareness to get them to act. This information will guide you to offer the best customer experience, develop a real relationship, and optimize your loyalty rate. Finally, digital transformation will allow you to make them your ambassadors.

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