Why Educational Toys, not Touchscreens, are better Gifts for Kids

It’s that time of the year again when parents are rushing to buy their kids the perfect gifts. Toy shops have tons of dolls, action figures, and other technological accessories that you might pick up – but it turns out that these gifts may not actually be beneficial for your child’s growth. Research conducted on this subject implored parents to give their kids gifts that are simple and interactive rather than flashy electronics toys that many of them want.

Books, educational activity kits, and puzzles are better for them compared to phones and iPads. Flashy toys are just what it is, flashy and after a while your child will get bored of it and move on, having learned nothing – educational toys are fun, can be used again and again and helps maintain the physical, mental and social well-being of your child as well as making them more creative and focussed.

Educational toys are designed to stimulate certain senses and promote learning. They include board games, puzzles, activities, crafts, DIYs, and interactive picture graphics that work to teach your little one about a subject, develop a new skill, learn a new craft or have fun painting their own masterpieces. Educational kits come in a number of topics, from dinosaurs to science, art, murals, adventure, outer space, underwater, and even robots. Here’s a couple of more reasons why educational toys are better.

How do educational toys work?

Since these toys are designed to teach, they often have simple, engaging graphics that are colourful and fun. We know kids love using anything that looks attractive and these toys do not disappoint. Educational kits teach kids about something, it can be to develop a new skill, learn to share, enhance hand-eye coordination, and even speaking and listening skills. For example, a walking robot kit comes in sets of pieces along with instructions so kids can put it together, measure, and tinker around while improving their maths skills as well as thinking skills – and who knows it may also get them interested in robotics. Each of these kids has been put together by designers who understand the importance of education for children.

  • Learning toys are educational

Children have a very short attention span and get bored very easily, educational toys make learning fun, they come with several types of games, puzzles, and activities which help keep children interested while making learning fun.

  • Encourage imagination

Educational toys like board games, jigsaw puzzles, blocks, and more allow children to use their own imagination and creativity of how to place them, this, in turn, helps them widen their perspective while playing.

  • Enhances real-life skills

A lot of situations used in games lean towards real-life situations. A child may have an activity where they learn to make lists, grocery shop, take care of household items and manage money, this, in turn, will help them when they grow older.

  • Social opportunities

Activities allow kids to play together as friends or siblings and discover solutions and master problems. Playing together enhances their social skills, teaches them to play in a group, and share. It also encourages parents to learn more about their child’s likes and dislikes and go for lots of playdates.

  • Supports problem-solving

Educational toys teach numbers, colours, basic maths, themes, and more. They allow kids to apply themselves to solve problems and think up logical solutions to solve the game.

The Bottom Line

Buying your kid electronics isn’t bad, but it won’t lead to them learning and enhancing their skills effectively. Educational gifts for kids can be passed down to your other children and will help bring out your little one’s creative development and keep them busy.

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