Why do immigrants or stay at home dads need a Custody Attorney in Indianapolis?

Many people believe that custody laws in the United States and Indianapolis, to be specific, are gender-neutral and even do not take into account the parents’ immigration status. The same is partly true, yet many early custody laws and cases showed a preference of according custody to young children’s mother using the tender years’ doctrine. Thankfully, the laws have been amended to consider the child’s best interest and determine what is essential for them.

Seeking the aid of the Custody Attorney Indianapolis

While the immigration laws are seen as a progressive stance by the government, many judges suffer from such bias and award custody to the primary caregiver. As a result, the issues associated with the same may turn complicated and need Custody Attorney Indianapolis’ aidwhen both immigrants or stay at home dads are concerned with the matter.

Gender-neutral laws

In cases where a father has been available or present, the gender-neutral stance considers the best results for the child. Also, instances of a mother getting custody of the child are common when it is confirmed that mothers make better caregivers, and it is also that the father may attain joint custody even if they may not get sole custody. In instances of international citizens, Indianapolis Immigration Attorney‘s helpis vital to achieving the best results.

In addition to the above, it is observed that the nonresident mother of such a child loses their benefits and needs to fight for the maternal rights or petition to the court using the aid of Custody Attorney Indianapolisto achieve the best results. In some instances, the mother may feel cultural pressure on discussing matters with friends and family as to why their ex-husband got custody while they were unable to achieve the desired results.

What about stay at home parents and their battle for child custody?

While child custody outcomes for stay-at-home fathers may seem bleak, few things work in favor of a mother, even if she stays at home. However, here are a few things that may help and boost the chances of attaining the best results in this case. These stay at home parents to be involved in all aspects of their kid’s life, which means being present for their doctor’s appointment and functions. Much before that, you need to establish the paternity

The need of establishing paternity in specific cases

You can establish paternity either voluntarily or involuntarily. Voluntary happens when a person acknowledges the child’s paternity and can sign the declaration of the paternity at the time of birth itself. Thus, doing so can put his name on the certificate of the birth of the child.

If he is not present or the child is born to a parent out of which one was an international citizen, taking the aid of an Indianapolis Immigration Attorney can help move the case forward. Further, if the father of not present, the document can be signed later on and must be done before the child turns 18 to add the name of the father to the birth certificate, mostly if both the parties agree.

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