Why Dl Panthenol is an Excellent Choice For Moisturizing Products

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing demand for healthy and vegan personal care products, and it’s no wonder. As a society, we’re slowly realizing the benefits of plant-based nutrition and wholesome plant compounds and how beneficial they can be for our bodies. While there is still a lot more to know on the subject, it’s clear that consumers are becoming more educated on what goes into their soaps and shampoos and now expect a superior level of quality.

If you are interested in making your own skincare or hair care products and are looking for natural ingredients you can add to your formulas to make them both effective and perfectly safe and natural, DL Panthenol is certainly one option you want to consider. This beneficial substance is not derived from animals, which means it is perfect for an impressive variety of uses, including vegan products.

DL Panthenol is useful as a natural moisturizer and is a form of Vitamin B5. When this substance comes into contact with our skin, we easily absorb it and convert it into Vitamin B5, helping to nourish and moisturize the skin. Because it is a natural vitamin and not a chemical, it is quite effective and easily assimilated.

Natural vs. Synthetic Moisturizers in Your Personal Care Products
There are very good reasons why more and more consumers are switching over to natural and plant-based options when it comes to their skin and hair care products, as well as in their makeup and cosmetics. The verdict is still out on many synthetic ingredients, but it has been shown that quite a few of them leave skin dry and irritated, and may have other side effects as well. Because our skin absorbs substances it comes into contact with, it’s important to take precautions with what you use on it.

This is a fairly new concept but it’s an important one. Would you rather use nutritious substances derived naturally from plants, or artificial chemicals on your skin and hair? While there’s no reason to think plant-based solutions are automatically better, we are seeing an emerging pattern when it comes to what is good for our bodies and what isn’t. Our bodies can be quite sensitive when it comes to certain artificial substances and chemicals, whereas most natural ingredients are gentle and safe.

Skin that is moisturized is properly hydrated and nourished. It’s much more beneficial to achieve healthy skin and strong hair through natural means rather than forcing it with chemicals that cause deliberate and unnatural reactions. When it comes to natural options for producing moisturizing effects in your personal care products, DL Panthenol is an easy choice.
Where to Find DL Panthenol For Your Formulas
If you want to take advantage of this ingredient’s potential moisturizing and softening properties for your formulas, you should check out Make Your Own Buzz. Their website has a huge catalog of ingredients for use in a wide range of different personal care products. Whether you are trying to formulate a helpful anti-flaking creme or a deep moisturizing shampoo, you will be able to find what you need in their store.

It’s important to know where to get natural and helpful ingredients if you care about what goes on your skin. Don’t settle for anything less than the high-quality ingredients you will find at Make Your Own Buzz. If you are having trouble figuring out exactly what you need or how to utilize a certain ingredient properly, you can call them at (888) 583-7738 and their experts will be able to help you.

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