Why Celebrities Are Fickle With Personal Matters?

The word ‘celebrity’ literally means ‘famous or well-known person’. Originally, celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment got the nickname of ‘Celebrity’. Ordinary people all over the world are more or less obsessed with celebrities. Many of these celebrities are also called ‘stars’. There are many of these stars who love to be silent. Again, there are many who live in a dazzling light just trying to be the centre of attraction. Many compare them to stars in the sky. But the funny thing is, the curiosity we have about all these human stars is so great that we don’t have that much interest in real sky stars. We have no shortage of curiosity in recognizing, knowing and analysing the hair of human stars. Sometimes that curiosity goes too far. We forget that celebrities are also human beings, they have personal lives, personal moments and feelings of happiness and sorrow.

Some Reason of Why People Are Crazy about Celebrities:

Human’s infallible attraction to fame:

One of the main reasons for the insanity of people with celebrities is considered to be the inexhaustible attraction of people towards fame. People’s desire to be famous is eternal. Some people express this desire, while others remain dormant. Many find their existence again in the personal lives of celebrities. We still remember the days of Pakistani star cricketers Shahid Afridi, Virat kohli, Indian film star Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan or South Korean Nakyung Park. Many people think that the lifestyle of the stars is different. They are like animals from a different planet. Their way of life is not confined to the office time frame like us. They may be living a completely different kind of luxury.

Thinking themselves as very close to celebrities:

Again, many people think of themselves as very close celebrities, acquaintances. And do not think – or why! Thanks to various media including social media, various news of the stars are in our hands today. Who is in love with whom, who is getting married to whom, who is getting divorced, who is having children, who is having a child in a five star hospital — all these flashy news are in our hands. As much as we know about their lives, in many cases we do not know as much about our relatives and friends. Trade is going on by capitalizing on these news, the page is a profit trap. Profiteering businessmen create a lot of excitement about the personal lives of the stars and we also fall into the trap of their excitement. Media is also a business thanks to likes, shares and views. But how much good and valuable news remains behind our eyes.

Being Celebrity Is Also Pain:

Just as there is joy in being famous, there is also pain. The personal lives of celebrities are often at stake. The stars became stars by accepting this risk. Since the general public is more interested in the lives of celebrities, they need to pay more attention to protecting their personal safety and privacy. Another thing is the fact that a star is in a very convenient position to create and spread good and exemplary examples, which is almost impossible for the general public. There are many who consider the stars as role models and role models in their personal lives. So there is no chance to avoid the responsibility of the stars towards the public. However, with the ‘personal’ lives of the stars, we ordinary people who overextend our emotions need to think about how much they actually respect their own self-esteem.

The Role of Social Media:

The triumph of social media at the present time. It depends on how we share any news of our favourite star, but the expression of your-my taste. Being a collaborator in spreading what we believe to be undesirable, distasteful does not in any way enhance one’s self-esteem. Each of us has a personal life and personal moments. Many of us are now stuck on social media. The place of our own honesty, morality and ideals needs to be explored once before the secret moments of others are made public. How many of us have managed to keep our personal chat boxes free of pollution! We need to be aware that the fingers we are pointing at are not pointing at ourselves for any reason. There is no greatness in spreading what we do not practice or believe. Everyone has the right to privacy. Stars are not inhabitants of a different world. Those who work regularly in the media, the fame they gain there, is mainly due to their professional reasons. From a professional point of view, the stars have a lot more respect for the ‘personal’ place. Not just celebrities, any human disclosure and publicity outside of his or her personal affairs without consent is a violation of human rights. It is also a cyber-crime and a punishable crime. Let us refrain from helping to promote what is undesirable, respect the dignity of others, and be self-respecting.

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