Why an RV Leveling System Matters

Although many RVs do not come with an RV Leveling System, there’s a reason for the ones that do. Quite simply, it’s important to level your RV when you get it into location in camp. This isn’t just a matter of comfort and convenience, although that does factor into the matter.

In fact, comfort is one of the lesser reasons that an RV leveling system is important, whether your camper or RV has one or your need to get your own. Keeping your RV level will impact your comfort, and it will make it a lot easier and more enjoyable for you to go about your day. You won’t be fighting a tilt and things won’t be rolling wherever they please, for one thing.

Yet that is only the beginning of why you should keep your RV level. There are quite a few more practical reasons for this. Probably the most practical and important reason to keep your RV level is because that is precisely the way they were designed to rest. An RV is, understandably, a big, heavy machine, and parking it on an uneven surface or on a slant puts an immense amount of stress on the frame and internal components. There are a number of ways that resting on a slant could damage your RV or its parts. For example, a practice as innocuous as opening and closing doors can put stress on, and damage, the hinges, if it is not done on a level surface. Going further, you will be putting stress on the very frame and chassis of the RV if it is not level. The structure isn’t designed to support its weight on a slant, so don’t push it.

There’s another commonly known and referenced reason that RVs need to be leveled, even if they don’t have an automatic leveling system. Many RVs have a type of fridge known as an absorption fridge, and some of these are powered by propane. These fridges must be on a level surface in order to work effectively – an angle of only a few degrees can throw them off and ruin their function. You can cause permanent damage to one of these fridges if they are operated on an uneven surface for a prolonged period of time.

Another reason you will want to ensure that you keep your RV level is if you have slide-outs. A lot of RVs have slide-outs that increase the overall amount of room for recreation, but these are only intended to be used on a level surface and cannot be safely used if the RV is on a slant. That’s just one more reason to ensure that your RV is level when parked and to get an RV leveling system if your RV does not come with one.

So if your RV does not come with its own leveling system, regardless of whether you need a complete system or related accessories like heavy-duty leveling jacks or pads, you can find them at RV Upgrades. RV Upgrades is your source for everything you could need for a trip, from the most mundane accessories like spare hoses, batteries, and fuses to specialty products like an all in one water softening system to a leveling system as mentioned above.

That being said, there are a lot of considerations you could make while shopping for something as involved as a leveling system, so if you need some professional advice don’t be shy about reaching out to RV Upgrades for more information. On their site, RVUpgradeStore.com, you can start a live chat to answer quick questions, but you can also give their team a call at 866-332-7881. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help – they have years of experience and are ready to help.

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