B.Sc in agriculture, Why Agriculture Courses Are the Need of the Hour

Agricultural science is the study of agriculture. The method used for the cultivation of plants, fungi, and other products used in the enhancement of human life is known as agriculture. A lot of people have a misconception about agriculture being a field that deals with farming. It is a multidisciplinary field that involves everything from agricultural business to the impact of science and technology on agriculture. Studying agriculture promotes the production of good quality crops and food grains. 

Studying agriculture is especially important for a country like India because it is mainly an agriculture driven economy. More than half of the population of India relies on agriculture for their income and livelihoods. There have been times when India has faced agricultural shortages, and to make sure that never happens again, there needs to be a stronger focus on agricultural education. 

B.Sc in agriculture, Why Agriculture Courses Are the Need of the Hour

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India has achieved a lot of growth in the field of agriculture, and to make sure this growth continues, more people need to opt for the course. The growth of agriculture has been in sectors like milk production, fish, seeds and fruits and vegetables. This has collectively contributed to agriculture flourishing and helped in establishing institutions that focus on agricultural education.

AISECT University in Jharkhand is one of the leading universities in Jharkhand that provides students with the opportunity to study agriculture in depth. There are many agriculture colleges in India, but AISECT stands out from other agriculture colleges in Jharkhand because the course curriculum is updated according to industry standards. There is a mix of traditional practices involved in agriculture, along with all the latest developments in agriculture, that uses technology. Some of the important sections covered in the course include animal husbandry, agricultural engineering, agricultural business, food technology, fisheries management, and forestry just to name a few. 

Students can apply for B.Sc in agriculture after completing 10+2 examinations. They must have a background in science to qualify for the course, preferably with biology, mathematics and physics as subjects. The duration of the agriculture course at AISECT University is for three years for undergraduate level students.

What to do after B.Sc Agriculture

There is an urgent need for professionals in the field of agriculture, that is why B.Sc. in agriculture is one of the preferred choices of study for science enthusiasts. After an educational degree in agriculture, you can apply for jobs in the public and private sectors. There are several job opportunities that pay well. An agricultural graduate has job opportunities in fields such as horticulture, dairy farming, horticulture, poultry farming, animal husbandry and food science. Individuals can also get employed as landscapers or horticulturists in health farms, hotels and resorts. 

The overall experience that students get during the course, helps them start agricultural businesses like agriculture produce shops, agricultural firms or agro-based industries. For more specialized learning you can opt for a Masters in the same.

Higher education is a very good option as it increases the pay scale and improves specialized knowledge. Students who are very motivated and interested in the field can opt for this.

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