Transport and packaging: What is it? What types of packaging are there?

There is an element that is not usually taken into account when making the decision to export products to new international markets, which guarantees the correct execution of the order, such as adequate packaging.

In The Custom Box Printing, the packaging is everything that is required in relation to adapting the products to concentrate them in the same place and preserve them temporarily, reflecting on their handling, transfer, and storage.

In this sense, the quality of the cargo does not vary and remains safe. For most businesses, your product is the most important thing. Proper protection of the merchandise helps it reach the consumer in perfect condition, which helps reduce the number of returns and consequently reduces the losses of any company.

In addition, according to the regulations and the insurance policy of the transport companies, the merchandise must be properly packed so that in case of breakage or blows the insurance covers the damages caused. A large number of shippers are unaware of this information and in many situations, they send their articles in low-quality containers or directly without any kind of packaging or packaging.

Throughout the transfer, the packaging protects the merchandise from various risks: mechanical, climatic, storage, handling, theft, and contamination.

Functions of packaging in transport

  1. Preservation of the merchandise: meanwhile the transfer and storage of the products last.
  2. Identification: provides relevant data on the properties or qualities of the article and the form of the operation carried out, reducing the possibility of wear or loss.
  3. Product handling: facilitates the counting, distribution, and transport of packaging materials and packages.

Improvement of the brand image: by using attractive packaging and labeling, you will be creating a positive image of your seal for the final consumer, in such a way that you provoke the purchase of the product and build a good reputation for the brand.

The packaging is very different from the packaging. While the packaging is based on the procedure to arrange the cargo in the safest way in the transfer or storage and is focused mainly on the logistics sector. On the other hand, the container is the container in which the product goes directly, protecting it and in turn making the commercial presentation of the merchandise. It is, above all, focused on marketing tasks.

Types of packaging in transport

According to the strategy used

It should be noted that the packaging strategies that companies have can be established in different ways depending on what we want to achieve:

  1. Same packaging: these are established for the items belonging to the same line so that customers can link it to it and can easily identify the product.
  2. Reusable packaging: once the product inside is finished, we have the possibility of reusing the product packaging for other purposes. An example would be the Nutella brand and its famous jars that could be reused as glass or as a container for the kitchen.
  3. Multiple packages: these are those that offer several units, identical or complementary with a lower price than if we bought them separately. It is usually used to present promotions or also in gifts that justify the high cost. For example, the perfumes that they usually sell by adding another item from the same line such as a travel-size perfume or a deodorant, etc.

According to the transported goods

There are three categories within the packaging structure: thus, we can segment it into primary, secondary, and tertiary.

  1. Primary packaging: is the one that maintains direct contact with the item.
  2. The secondary: contains one or more primary packages.
  3. The tertiary: is the one that groups the primary and secondary in a container for their protection during the distribution process.

According to the material

Depending on the needs of the item, we find different ideal packaging materials for each merchandise:

Paper packaging is used as a liner for wrappers that can be cardboard boxes, bags, or jars. It is focused on defending the product from external factors (light, dust, part of the humidity in the environment, stains.) It is a 100% natural component, adaptable and solid if we compare it with other types of paper, thanks to the conservation of the natural fiber of the wood.

The plastic packaging offers great protection against possible damage that the products may suffer during their journey, at the same time that the cost of shipping is reduced thanks to the agility of its materials. They are used in round trip logistics transport because it can be handled and sent again as many times as we need it.

For heavy shipments or to measure for products that require special protection, there are wooden packaging.

Many goods travel with packaging that is not adequate, even scarce in sections not only national but also international. This is normally due to the fact that the companies that produce their products focus on the product, the market, their customers, and competitors, and do not usually consult with their logistics department about the possibilities of customers receiving their goods in the agreed terms and forms.

The lack of foresight is one of the problems. Close agreements with clients without verifying that the terms and forms are possible, or if the packaging is correct and adequate.

Once the orders are closed with the client, the companies make the choice of a transport or logistics partner as appropriate; They select it from the usual suppliers or those who come knocking on your door to see if they guarantee the transit of your merchandise. On many occasions, it is not possible to guarantee some of the demands that customers ask for, yet it is also common for the commercials of the transport companies to accept this requirement, knowing that it will not be met.

The lack of foresight comes up against the type of pallet or its packaging; goods that are poorly or poorly packed, or with unusual dimensions that require another type of vehicle.

There are goods that do not need packaging those that are exported to third countries (outside the EU) by air or sea, they are usually packed with wooden boxes, made expressly for these shipments. These shipments do not usually cause problems when shipping them, since these companies are aware of the need for consistent and strong packaging to withstand sudden movements that cause transport by ship or plane.

 The drawback is usually in general merchandise, where the client believes that packaging is not so important when it is an essential point for the protection of the transported merchandise, as well as insurance for the personnel who handle that merchandise in the tasks of the logistics chain (loading, transport, unloading).

It is advisable to use packaging with the correct materials so that the merchandise is protected and can withstand movement pressures or impacts.

The packaging of some types of goods must be approved and environmentally sustainable.

There are companies that use “returnable” packaging, they travel with merchandise, and then they are returned to their origin completely empty to be transported again.

The key to reducing the possibility of breakages, and delivering the merchandise to your client in the best conditions is good packaging made from the indicated materials.

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