White Glove Services – All You Need to Know

We always require helping hands whenever we are shifting to a new place, or opening a new branch, etc. Moving stuff and material can be tough and risky at times when the items are too delicate and expensive especially in the case of heritage movements, film prop logistics, antique timepieces, classic instrument logistics and many more. We always require a team of professionals who are best at transferring such expensive and delicate material.

So here a logistic partner is always required which offers white glove service for transportation, storage and installation needs. With their help, we can relieve ourselves from transporting things which is difficult for us to do. White glove service is a team of professional providing us helping hands in efficiently moving our logistics to the destined places. The companies providing these services have highly trained operatives in a discreet manner all the times. They are pretty much aware of what to do and how to do right from packaging till delivery at the desired location. They do have their own vehicles and you can leave all the things on them. In case, if you want to keep things in control, you can use your own vehicles to enhance the security. So, white gloves basically mean the professionals helping you in the whole delivery process.

Following are some of the remarkable characteristics of white-glove services:

  • Special packaging- They will bring all the packaging stuff that requires packing the materials and stuff. They have custom-made boxes depending upon the size of your items, nature and fragility. They have amazing packaging methods which enable easy handling and lifting of the boxes without any damage.
  • Attention to detail- The white glove team is pretty much attentive to the minor details which will eliminate any risk of breakage or damage to the product. They are trained experts who follow standard protocols and guidelines for handling consignments safely throughout the delivery process. Also, their vehicles have CCTVs which will give full control to the admin.
  • Time precision- The team understands the value of time and tries to wrap up the things before time. They don’t only promise to deliver goods on time but try to do the same according to the customer suitability.
  • Hassle-free arrangement- They are just not limited to deliver the items, but they do unpack the material and arrange everything as per the customer preference. They will smoothly unpack and place the item at the preferred place.

So above are some of the characteristics of white-glove services. They are very helpful and have the competency to tackle the situations. The companies delivering such services are also involved in services like event management services, bespoke financial services, security and management service and many more. Bespoke financial services London will help you in connecting with the financial institutions according to your needs and preferences. They are independent asset finance broker offering services like car finance, marine finance, aviation finance, agriculture finance, media finance, business finance and many more.

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