Which Small Businesses are Most Vulnerable to Covid-19?

When we talk about small companies, we should be careful about knowing the size of the company. And when its companies of small turners that are greatly affected by a coronavirus, India’s government has outsourced a huge package to relieve them from debt and even give opportunities to many new small-scale businesses. 

Thus, supporting this vision, we have surveyed the most venerable small businesses that need a great amount of attention in today’s time. As we are a Web Design Company in Kolkata, it is an essential part of our business to help other venerable small businesses grow rapidly.

The most venerable small businesses are:

· Agriculture and sales business.

· Animal Husbandries

· Reading and repair of the automobile at wholesale and retail.

· Employees are working on daily wages.

· Electronic shops

· Mid-size restaurants. 

· Hair salons.

· Contract and material handling. 

· Small size IT companies.

· Designing firms. Etc.

For all these small businesses, asset profitability is almost will be zero. Based on the renowned survey data, these companies or SMEs need to be uplifted on a financial level as fast as possible as they can cause collapsing GDP amid COVID-19. 

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Specifically, the profitability of these companies’ assets needs to be raised and bring back to the ground in the same year. 

Are large companies affected?

Larger companies, on the other hand, will not be so affected. Also, in this case, its impact would be more in terms of its financial situation. 

Thus, their equity will decrease while their debt will increase to meet these liquidity needs. It is expected that 55% of these companies will have their equity affected, provided that an early recovery scenario is met. The percentage would increase to 58% in the most adverse scenario. Other than that, they are good to go even after the forming unlocks in the country.

Current scenario of small-scale business in India:

Furthermore, India stands out on the list as one of the countries in which micro-SMEs are most important, 24% of the total, in line with other developing countries. Micro-enterprises with fewer than 10 employees probably are the most exposed to cash shortages.

Economic Impact of COVID-19 on small businesses:

The economic impact that the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic will leave will be especially relevant in India, not only because it is one of the countries most affected by the disease in health terms but also because of the high weight of MSMEs, more vulnerable than the largest companies, in their productive fabric. 

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This is reflected in a recent report by Web Design Company in Kolkata. It reflects that on the economic blow, smaller companies can receive and be entitled “Small, medium and vulnerable.”

Our MSMEs are at great risk of bankruptcy due to the prolongation of the blocking measures against the deadly viruses (Covid-19) and represent 75% of the business owners in the sectors directly affected. 

This is which is accompanied by data specific on the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises in different developed countries.

In the case of India, talking about general statistic, there are more than 5 million companies in the country, of which more than 70% are micro-SMEs, with less than 10 workers, 20% are medium between 10 and 249 employees, and only 10% of the companies, just over three thousand, would be large companies more than 250 employees.

Rapid response solutions by Website Design Company in Kolkata:

To alleviate these problems for small businesses and avoid them in the future, we provide them with software teams to elevate their business on the internet.  

As we are a Website Design Company in Kolkata, we also work for other regions to help in restructuring, insolvency, and relief of all the companies in India. This would include, among other things, having simpler and more agile websites that help them target PAN India audiences as well.

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Rapid action in these types of situations is crucial to saving the business fabric in general and, especially, small companies, which need a faster response. Likewise, the economist points to more adequate procedures, and incentives can also be dealt with as we would be a Web Design Company in Kolkata and a tech help provider.

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