Which Gaming Console is Best?

What are the best gaming consoles?

As you can imagine, since all the consoles are different, each one has its characteristics that make them more or less useful, depending on what you are looking for.

It will depend on your tastes or the type of games you want to have on your game console, for example, Microsoft Xbox One Series X Games. Do not lose detail to discover everything that these consoles can do for you and thus decide which one is made for you.


PlayStation is one of the best consoles of 2020 and the most iconic on the market. It has achieved this by offering good quality, with many emblematic games that are already part of it. Beyond the game catalog itself, one of the advantages of PlayStation is the community it has, this being one of the largest, where a large number of online tournaments take place.

PlayStation has two different console models, the standard version, which would be the Slim model and the Pro model, and the PlayStation Pro is a more powerful version, which offers a higher image quality. However, this model is especially recommended if you have a 4K monitor since only then, will you be able to take full advantage of it. If not, the only things you will be improving are the loading times of the console, which is not negligible either.

Regarding the pros, the PlayStation is a console designed for most gamers. It has numerous online options where it stands out to be able to broadcast the game live (live gameplays) so that other colleagues can be sharing the experience with you.

Besides, Sony has recently launched the possibility of being able to run the game console remotely through a mobile device, so you can play your console from your mobile or tablet, as long as you have it connected to the internet.

Xbox One

Xbox One, Microsoft’s console, after reigning in the last generation, also seeks to gain a foothold in this one. To do this, he plays his cards and the Xbox One is a game console that becomes a fairly functional multimedia center. In addition to this, it integrates perfectly with Windows, so if you have a computer in use, you can get much more out of the console.

As with the PlayStation, on the Xbox, we also find two different models, the Xbox One S, which would be the standard model, and the Xbox One X, the most advanced model to play Microsoft Xbox One Series X Games.

The Xbox One X moves games in 4K resolution, so to fully enjoy this, a monitor that has this resolution is recommended. For the rest, apart from improving said resolution, it is capable of improving loading times, making games run much faster. It should also be noted that this One X model is the most powerful console on the market, more than the Playstation 4 Pro.

Nintendo Switch

If I have not compared Nintendo Switch with any of the previous models, it is because Nintendo, this generation, has decided to play in its league (the truth is that the Big N always seeks to surprise us with its innovations, although it does not always come out well with the move).

This means that we are facing a completely different game console from the two previous models and that it bets on a catalog of exclusive titles, typical of the platform and that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

Although if what you want is to play only in portable mode and spend a little less, I recommend the Nintendo Switch Lite. Also known as the Switch Mini, this revision of the Nintendo console is a simpler, lighter, more compact version of the normal Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is a less powerful console than the previous two, but it has some more than interesting aspects that make it worthy of being considered to buy. First and foremost, it is the adaptability of the console and that is that we can play it both on television, and on a portable basis. On the other hand, another of its strengths is that it is the family console par excellence.

Nintendo knows what it does and does it very well. Its wide catalog of titles is oriented to play with the family and they are very fun, no matter how old you are. Besides, now thanks to the advances, it is also possible to play them over the internet, so the fun also comes online.

Now that we know a little more about each of the best consoles of 2020 that exist in the market, I am going to analyze them section by section, to know the strong and not so strong points of each one of them, competing from you to you.

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