Which DNA Lab offers the Best DNA Test Price in Delhi?

Which DNA Lab offers the Best DNA Test Price in Delhi?

The number of private laboratories offering DNA testing in Delhi is numerous, but there are only a few labs to offer accredited DNA tests in Delhi and India. What is even more important to be aware of is the cost of a DNA test in Delhi, or India, for that matter. We, DDC Laboratories India, are one of the best DNA labs in Delhi and India to offer an accredited DNA test at the best price in Delhi.

Why are we the most trusted DNA Labs in Delhi & Indian?

DDC Laboratories India is one of the most popular and reputed private DNA test labs in Delhi and India. We offer our customers a variety of tests for a relationship, ancestry, genetic diseases, immigration, and organ transplant DNA test in Delhi.

We are offering AABB and MOJ accredited immigration DNA tests for the United States and the United Kingdom respectively. Besides these, we are offering immigration DNA testing for other countries, like Canada, Australia, Thailand, Nigeria, and many more.

We are a NABL certified private company for Organ Transplant DNA tests. In fact, we are the only DNA testing Lab in Delhi (and India) to provide you same-day report for the Organ Transplant DNA test.

Some of our highly demanded test services include:

  • Paternity DNA test.
  • Maternity DNA test.
  • Prenatal Paternity – DNA test while the baby is still in the mother’s womb.
  • Paternity Trio DNA test.
  • Siblingship DNA test.
  • Grand-parentage DNA test.
  • Ancestry DNA test and Paternal/Maternal Lineage.
  • Non-invasive Prenatal Trisomy (NIPT).
  • Signature Verification, Document Verification, and Forensic DNA test, and more.
DNA Test in Delhi, Which DNA Lab offers the Best DNA Test Price in Delhi?

Does a DNA test require Blood? Can I give other samples for the DNA test?

No, a blood sample is not necessary for a DNA test. We use soft buccal swabs (Cheek Swabs) for collecting the sample. It is a painless procedure and doesn’t require blood to draw blood. These buccal swabs are sterile cotton buds. We rub these swabs on the inside of your cheeks, from where enough epithelial cells are collected. After air-drying the swabs, we pack the swabs, which now has your DNA on it, in a damage-proof envelope, and transport it to our testing facility. It takes us 4-5 working days to test, analyze, and assess your DNA, and generate the reports. You can also request for our ‘same-day-reporting’ facility (T&C Apply).

Which DNA Labs in Delhi offer High-Quality DNA Tests at the Best Price?

We, DDC Laboratories India, are one of the best DNA Labs in Delhi, known for high standards and fast reporting facility. With a world-class testing facility, highly qualified & trained staff, and the best price of DNA test in Delhi (and India), you can rest assured of the quality and reliability of our DNA tests. You can visit our office or our testing facility to give your sample, or opt for a home collection service. You can order our ready-to-use home-collection kit online, and collect your DNA sample yourself. For more information, you can visit our website and get all the information needed by talking to our customer service representatives.

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