Where do you buy a disposable face mask in India

The year has brought all of us on the same page. From school, office, and even for a simple reason to the market we need our face mask and sanitizer on.  

The pandemic has left no reason to say no to face mask. The reason that cure has not been found precaution has to be taken seriously. 

WHO( World Health Organisation) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) prescribed everyone to wear a face mask as they got to know how it was spreading. Face mask not really saves you from infection but helps limit the spread in addition to other precautions. Though people have a stigma about which mask to use a 3ply face mask, N95, disposable respirators, or cloth face mask. 

3 ply face mask are also disposable compared to N95. The disposable 3 ply face mask is used by many as it provides safe breathing to people with respiratory issues as well. It is affordable, easy to use, disposable, and serves every purpose of the perfect mask. Eco-friendly is a cherry on the cake. The companies that emerged to serve the purpose of face mask are.

          Dios Healthbolt

The company has since its emergence been eco-friendly and spreading insight about the product and its usage. It has started to provide online services and deliver the best disposable face mask.

Bellcross Industries Private Limited

The company located in Mumbai is top-rated for being one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of disposable face mask.

Mohini Health & Hygiene Limited

Renowned for selling on different platforms the disposable surgical masks. The company has got its name listed in just two years.

          Niramaya Wellness Services Private Limited

The company is located in Ranchi has just begun to sell a disposable face mask. You can find the company on several online platforms or ask for direct delivery in bulk.


Situated in Ahmedabad. The company has is highest rated by customers for its service and product quality. 

 Newtech Biomedicals

The company is located in Jalandhar. Established in 2013. It has served the country since its emergence by providing disposable face masks.

The disposable face mask is being sold by several companies in India. Buying from local companies will strengthen the need for a degrading economy and save humans from chronic diseases spread through a virus. 

The online platforms have also given opportunities to these local sellers and as the demand has increased so has the ways to reach out to the buyers. You just need to step out or click and you have your store of disposable face mask seller waiting. Just began by being sure of the quality check!

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