When was the Solar Panel Invented?

In 1839, French Physicist Edmond Becquerel noted that a cell can generate more electricity when we expose it to the light that’s how he discovered the photovoltaic effect. 

In 1873, Willoughby Smith noted that selenium could work as a photoconductor. If you ask in simple words, he noted, the importance of light on selenium.

In 1876, after three years to that discovery. William Grylls  Adams and Richard Evans Day used the photovoltaic principle that discovered by Becquerel. They noted that we can generate more electricity if we would expose it to sunlight. 

In 1883, After 50 years, Charles Fritz was the first man who invented the first working selenium solar cells. 

In 1905, Albert Einstein brought the world’s attention to this miraculous. As well as incredible technology solar energy with the help of a newspaper. He revealed that we can take energy and light up the world. This has led the solar energy into a broader way. 

In 1954, three scientists Daryl Chapin, Gerald Pearson, and Calvin fuller discovered the more efficient and practical solar cell by using the silicon. 

In the late 1950s and the 1960s, When the space age comes into existence, solar panels powered the spacecraft’s many parts. Afterward, in 1964, NASA launched the satellite which contains a 470W (PV) array. In the modern solar panels, there’s silicon in the cells of the panel. 

The solar panel has been using in homes, businesses even it helps to power the satellites. It saves the money which is expend on utility bills, helps to have electricity even on off-grid, helps in emergencies. It has become the most important technology in today’s life. People all over the world prefer solar systems and that’s how it helps to make renewable energies. 

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