When Should You Get a Mold Inspection Of Your place?

When Should You Get a Mold Inspection Of Your place?

Whether you’re moving to a new place or buying a new home, you should consider getting a mold inspection. It’s different from the typical home inspection process and the cost varies according to the size of your home. No matter how clean your home is, there’s always a chance that mold is lingering in your home.

Mold is like a fungus that thrives in moist places. You can see it with your eyes such as in cracks and corners of the walls. However, it can also grow in hidden places that are hard to see, for instance, air ducts, basement, attic, and even inside the walls. There are a few situations in which you might want a mold inspection. As they can be difficult to find and treat, the best way is to request a professional mold inspection for your property. If you are a resident of Houston, then you can find reliable as well as economical services for Mold Inspections Houston.

Now the question arises, when should you get a mold inspection for your home? Here are several factors that you should consider.

Water Leaks or Damage

If your home experienced water damage or water leaks, you should consider getting a mold inspection. The previous or current water leaks are indicators of mold. For instance, a leaky pipe, roof leaks, or a broken pipe sprayed water all over the kitchen can cause mold. Any place that became wet and wasn’t dried quickly within 24 to 48 hours, could produce moisture in overlooked places.

Mold forms only on wet surfaces. Keeping your interior dry can prevent your property from mold contamination. In any such water leak or damage situation, consider a mold inspection with the help of a professional.

Mold Smell

One of the easiest ways to know whether your home needs an inspection or not is to give it an old sniff test. Mold from the outside of your home smells stale while on the inside it smells damp and musty. Always remember that a mold smell is something you should never ignore. Those who’ve smelled it in the past know it well.

Therefore, it is advisable to take care of it before it turns into a pervasive problem. You can find the best services for mold inspection as well as Mold Remediation in Houston.

Purchasing a New Home

If you’re buying a new home, especially if it wasn’t occupied for a longer time, go for mold testing. There is no way to know whether the house has faced water damage or a leak in the past. Therefore, to ensure your new home is mold-free, call a professional for a home inspection before you finally move in.

Moreover, if a house has been unoccupied or closed for months or years, humidity could have built up. It can cause mold to grow more and spread more.

Health Symptoms

Toxic molds like the black mold have severe negative effects on a person’s health. It contains mycotoxins that damage your skin, respiratory organs, and irritation of the mucous membrane. If your family member is facing these kinds of allergic reactions due to the visible growth of mold, get an inspection today.


In brief, mold decreases the quality of your life. It causes irritation of the eyes, throat, as well as allergic reactions. Additionally, it can be very harmful to children, pets, and older people. Getting mold inspections will not only save lives but also improve your home’s health.

However, mold grows in damaged areas that are sometimes hard to detect. Therefore, this job is best done by a professional. Call them today to prevent future damage to your property.