What’s the Best Wedding Anniversary Gift for 3 Years of Marriage?

For each year of marriage, there is a celebration of the triumph that comes with the years placed in the rearview. It takes dedication, determination, and most importantly, it takes love in order to conquer the years.

Because each and every anniversary is an important milestone in and of itself, there are traditional gifts that are given for each year. Tradition dictates the fitness of a gift, and it is customary to give gifts made of specific materials based on the year of the anniversary.

For example, for a first-year anniversary, it is customary to give a gift made of paper, as the marriage is still young and fragile, but it has the promise of growth and the beauty is there. For second anniversaries, it is common to give a gift made of cotton. Still fragile, cotton is more yielding and softer than paper – and it also signifies the comfort that the couple has developed by that point.

The third year of marriage, like every other year, is an important year. Traditionally, it has been customary to give gifts made of leather on the eve of the third anniversary. Leather is one of the strongest natural materials, and it has been used for millennia to make clothing, tools, and footwear, specifically because it is so tough.

Yet leather is not only tough. It can also be beautifully decorated. It signifies the strength, yet flexibility and beauty of the bond that is still growing.

However, there has been a recent trend to replace leather gifts with gifts of glass or crystal for the third year of marriage. At first glance, it might seem like leather and crystal have nothing in common, but this trend of giving a glass wedding anniversary gift for 3 years of marriage has more in common with leather than you might think.

Whereas leather is strong, it is also opaque. Crystal and glass are both fragile, as the marriage is still young, but at the same time, they are beautiful. Leather and crystal both have beauty in common, but what only glass and crystal have is that they are translucent. This signifies that the hope of the marriage lies in the fact that that couple must see through each other for understanding.

Therefore there has been a trend to give a wedding anniversary gift for 3 years of marriage that is made from crystal or glass. Whether you appreciate the former reckoning of leather and fall in line with tradition or would like to make your own modern interpretation of the situation with a glass gift is up to you; both make excellent gifts for three year anniversaries.

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