What’s So Great About Perdomo Cigars?

What’s So Great About Perdomo Cigars?

In this day and age, a proper and elegant cigar-smoking experience is hard to come by, but it is not impossible to find. Though there are many different cigar manufacturers out there, not every brand will be able to give you your money’s worth. Any avid cigar smoker may have already gone ahead, done their research, and tested many of these brands to find the one that best suits their taste. Whether that “taste” is the actual flavor of the cigar or the experience in and of itself, Perdomo undoubtedly has what you are looking for. If they were not on your radar before then you may have missed out on finding your new favorite cigar.

Anyone who considers themselves a cigar aficionado has likely only stumbled upon a cigar brand that they would recommend to a friend after trying countless ones they did not like at all. However, the thing that differs between each cigar smoker is the reasoning behind choosing their favorite. Many factors weigh into the decision of choosing a premium cigar to smoke. From the box it arrives in to the actual tobacco within the wrapper, every aspect is important in choosing the perfect cigar. All in all, the most important aspect of choosing a premium cigar is one that often gets overlooked.

An obvious characteristic that any smoker should consider when choosing the perfect cigar is the flavor. Unlike other smokeables, cigars are not meant to be inhaled and because of this, the taste is important. The tobacco and the actual wrapping of the tobacco both play major roles in the general taste of the cigar. A premium cigar should have a wrapper and tobacco that are aged to perfection. The actual length of time that they should be aged is all a matter of opinion, but a true cigar connoisseur will be able to tell what they like after enough time.

Why Perdomo?

Perdomo is a family-owned and vertically integrated cigar manufacturer. This means, from their manufacturing facilities in Nicaragua to their distribution center in Florida, they take part in every step of the cigar making process to ensure you are getting the best quality product every time.

Regardless of which aspect brought you into the hobby, Perdomo has a cigar that can satisfy your needs. If it is the elegant smoking experience that drew you in, then the rich aromas and bold, complex flavors of Perdomo Cigars are probably a big interest to you. They offer everything from mini cigarillos to their bourbon barrel-aged cigars.

The Reserve 10th Anniversary Box Pressed Sun Grown and Maduro are two of their newer blends that are bound to pique your interest. Both of which are wrapped in either Nicaraguan maduro or Nicaraguan sun-grown wrappers. They both also feature a six-year aged Nicaraguan tobacco blend. The Sun Grown wrapper is barrel-aged for 10 months, while the Maduro undergoes 14 months of secondary fermentation in bourbon barrels. Though both are rich in flavor, the Sun Grown option offers an earthy taste with hints of oak & almond and the Maduro option offers a robust taste with a finish of chocolate & espresso.

Where to buy them?

If you have even the slightest interest in buying these cigars you should do so from a site that offers industry-leading prices and a fine knowledge of all things “cigar.” AtlanticCigar.com is the easiest way to purchase Perdomo Cigars. This family-oriented retail tobacco business has been around for over 20 years and its website offers an easy, simple-to-use experience. Any cigar smoker would be more than impressed with the selection they have to offer.

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