What you should know about Indian E-Visa

Getting an E-Visa for India is no more a headache. people traveling through the various countries can easily apply for Indian E-Visa through E-Visa Mart which is an easy & convenient source to apply for Indian Visa from several foreign countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany.

People from foreign countries visit India for multiple purposes such as business, tourism, medical assistance, work, study & other purposes. They can’t visit the Indian Directly, they are required to fulfill various legal formalities which are possible through Online Visa Application Platforms. The government of India has made it easy for foreigners to visit India and to apply for the Visa. Still following up with the embassies and government employees can be troublesome activities and people prefer to hire Private Visa agencies in India. Private Visa companies have all the visa related information available online. people looking to apply for a visa may fill in the requisite information online and the rest of the things will be taken care of by visa representatives. 

While applying for any kind of Indian E-Visa, it is to be noted that the visa is eligible for a short stay, depending upon the reason. Usually, the valid reasons are business, tourist, or medical. So the duration of stay which is applicable is 180 days in a year. These 180 days are eligible for single and multiple entries. For other long run purposes, Foreign people may apply for a regular visa for India. 

Indian E-Visa is basically an electronic authorization through which applicants may submit their online visa applications with supporting documents such as passports, ID Proofs, Income Proof, Age Proofs, nationality proof, etc. Once the application is received and documents are verified, eligibility to visit India will depend on the subject to approval by the Government of India or Embassy. After approval, an entry permit will be issued via mail only. Paperless approval is more covenant as there is always proof in hand. Availing an Indian E-Visa is no more a nightmare. Citizens from approx 166 countries may apply for Indian E-Visa. The list of 166 counties does not include the outsiders whose parents or citizens have been the citizens of Pakistan as they are eligible for the regular visa. 

Getting the visa approved may not be the task of one day so it is always advisable to apply for the visa in advance. At least, 4 days earlier of their departure, they should apply for the Indian E-Visa, but its application date should not be older than 120 days before the date of departure. Candidates or applicants are required to fill in the right information only while applying for E-visa. Due to digitization, they are not required to visit the embassy or to waste their time traveling. Applying through the E-Visa platform is a good idea to get the visa approval on time. The private E-Visa portal does assist the applicants with regular follow-ups in terms of visa processing and document verification. While applying for the Indian Visa, they are required to upload the latest passport size photograph, scanned copies of passport, other ID, and income proofs. After uploading the initial documents, the portal will ask to make the payment online. Online application enables them to get instant responses in thereof payment & documents received. That’s why providing accurate information is always recommended. 

Foreign citizens having the E-tourist visa can stay in India for 90 days, not more than this. These 90 days are valid for each visit for one year. The validity of an Indian E-Visa starts from the date of the issue of Visa, not from the date of arrival in India. Earlier, the Visa calculation was made from the entry in India and two entries were allowed. Now, people are eligible to have multiple entries subject to the availability of Visa validity. People traveling from the countries US, UK, Japan, Canada are allowed to stay for 180 days on each visit on an e-tourist visa, instead of 90 days only. On the other hand, the valid stay for an E-Business visa is 180 days only. 

People traveling for medical reasons may hold the e-medical visa for a maximum of 60 days on each visit. The patient along with medical attendants may apply together for an e-medical visa and can have triple entries in a year. Apart from E-Tourist Visa, E-Business Visa, and E-medical Visa, an E-Conference visa is also granted for meeting purposes with having validity of thirty days only. 

One thing is always required to keep in mind, that E-Tourist Visa & E-business Visa for India is valid from the date of issue, whereas the validity of E-medical Visa, E-Conference Visas start from the date of the arrival in India only. To know more about Indian E-Visa and application process, visit the website: eVisamart

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