What You Need to Know About Volusion SEO

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Volusion is a powerful eCommerce platform that offers a wide range of tools that enable store owners to attract more customers and build their online business. Some of the features they offer address search engine optimization, which is quickly becoming the deciding factor as to whether or not your store will be successful or not.

Volusion SEO is critical for the health of your eCommerce business because it will likely be the primary way you drive traffic to your site. These days, businesses rely on those coveted first page Google results in order to see a constant stream of organic traffic that is interested in what they are selling. Volusion is no different than any other platform, in that SEO is still extremely important and needs to be taken into consideration on every page of your website.

Where they differ however is in the features they offer to store owners on their platform. In this case, Volusion offers an SEO solution called Grow, which includes a cache of standard tools that help streamline your SEO endeavors in a simplistic and efficient way that anyone can understand.

While Volusion Grow does cover some essentials, it’s not enough to give you that distinct edge that eCommerce businesses need. On its own, it only provides a basic foundation. SEO has become extremely complicated, and while it’s in a platform’s best interest to make it sound as simple and easy to implement as possible, the reality is that it takes a dedicated team of experts that have a deep technical understanding of SEO in order to drive results.

Volusion Grow offers such features as search-friendly URLs and easy sitemap indexing. These features may sound useful and impressive, but the truth is that this is all the bare minimum in terms of actionable SEO. This is where the search engine optimizations begin, rather than end. In other words, while this acts as a solid foothold, you’re certainly not going to be able to capture those page 1 rankings using these tactics alone.

The Volusion SEO Agency You Need

Rather than rely solely on these basic features, you need an experienced agency in your corner that can generate powerful results. In terms of Volusion SEO, Genius eCommerce is the agency with the skills and the expertise necessary in order to help you maximize your chances for success on the platform.

While most agencies focus either on SEO or eCommerce, Genius eCommerce takes care of both sides of the equation for impressive results. They know exactly what the search engines and your users are looking for, and can implement comprehensive optimization strategies involving proper keyword research, valuable backlinks, and user experience improvements.

If you want to get the most out of Volusion, you need professional SEO services that cater specifically to the complex world of eCommerce. Being able to drive traffic to your products and build your brand authority is no simple task, but Genius eCommerce knows how to implement winning strategies.

The health of your business online runs parallel with how well your SEO has been addressed. No matter how great you think your website and products are, you’re not going to be where you want to be as far as traffic and sales go unless you are paying close attention to your SEO.

If you are concerned about the health of your Volusion store and want to make sure you are getting found in the SERPs, it’s time to contact Genius eCommerce and their team of SEO gurus. They know Volusion and will shatter your image of what success looks like online. If you want a palpable boost in rankings, contact their team today.

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