What you need to do to get Amazon verified reviews in a perfect way

Everyone knows Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world. It always cares for the customer. A customer feels encouraged to write reviews on the products they buy. You may be wondering what verified purchase reviews is?

The answer is simple. Purchasers have to buy it via the Amazon marketplace. At the same time, the seller did not discount the product unusually.

Seller discount percentage offer must be is less than 20%. 

Only after meeting above condition, the reviews are verified by amazon authority. On the other hand, Customers have an opportunity to write reviews on Amazon. However, fake reviews can be confusing for potential customers.

Sometimes Customers get a significant discount on a specific product in return for posting reviews. Unfortunelay it can be misleading and caught by Amazon. Therefore, Amazon gives verified purchase labels to customers. It differentiates real and trustworthy reviews.

Nevertheless, these verified reviews go up in the reviews section. In Amazon search ranking for products, it comes in first. Interestingly enough, this algorithm immensely affects a customer purchasing decision. Customer feels comfort when they lots of user of your product. Thus, they read all sorts of reviews to know more. Finally, they purchase your product as first customer. This is how selling cycles goes on. 

Do not do these for Verified Purchase Reviews

There is no doubt, that verified purchase reviews are essential for amazon. In reality, it is tough to get reviews from the customers in the context of their business. Most of the cases, people do not care as they do not benefit them.

Besides, they are busy in daily life. Therefore, you cannot blame them for this. It would be best if you faced a lot of rules and strict laws with Amazon. It hampers the buyer and seller proper interaction. By violating a single rule, you have to be kicked off from Amazon. Consequently, you may lose tons of possible sales from a business. 

Do not do six things at all to save yourself in Amazon- 

1. Stop paying your predetermined customers for reviews. Since Amazon will notice your fake customer actives for sure.  

2. Abnormal discount offer and unusual price deduction on a particular product for reviews. Are you getting my point? You

Cannot offer someone an almost 50% discount rate suddenly. 

3. The only authentic purchaser can write reviews. As we said earlier, nobody can write reviews until they become a valid customer of the Amazon marketplace. Lastly, you cannot review your products as well. 

4.  You cannot ask for reviews only from near and dear ones. It looks suspicious. The closed one will never say anything bad about you, although they are not happy. For the sake of good relations, they will show up a positive look.

5. It is unnatural to have all positive reviews on your products. If your 100% effort to every customer still, they will have something bad to say. In most cases, it is natural to get a mixture of positive and negative reviews of your products. So, avoid being perfect for every customer. You will have happy customers, angry customers, and average customers too. 

6.  Lastly, you cannot offer a free offer to the customer. It looks like you are taking advantage of your customer. Nobody says anything bad if they get a gift from you. The customer becomes happy to have a gift. In this case, Amazon does not approve such reviews from the gift holder.

How to get amazon reviews legally

Studies show if a first product has a 4.3 stars rating along with 400reviews. In addition, the other product has only 14 reviews but a good rating of 4.8.In this case, most of the people will go for the first product. 

  1. Push your customer to write reviews

The customer is the real king. If you do not tell them to say something sound about you who will say then, for generating more sales, you should have good communication with them.

  • Collect all the email addresses of your customers.

Remind your customers to leave their most precious reviews for your site.

  • Amazon Keyword Research 

Unlike the old days, Seller App’s Amazon Keyword Research gives you the most relevant keywords.  

4 Social media marketing

The most powerful media to connect with billions of people is social media. Why are you missing your opportunity? Grow your business and let people know about you from social media. It helps to reviews.


First and for most, things are getting a quality product. You do not have to do anything you provide a beneficial product. People will promote your products subconsciously. An honest review from a customer gives you good social proof. Are you worried about reviews? Learn more of Amazon Vine and Amazon Early Reviewer program. Get professional amazon verified reviews services from reviewwriters.com.

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