What Type of Storage Filing System to Choose for the Workplace

What Type of Storage Filing System to Choose for the Workplace

What Type of Storage Filing System to Choose for the Workplace

Storage cabinets are enclosed spaces that can be used to keep all sorts of items, and are found in kitchens, closets, offices, schools, hospitals, libraries, etc. Usually stand alone, or attached to a wall, storage cabinets can also be built into walls. As to what size and type of storage cabinet you should purchase, it depends on what you need to store. For example, if you need to store 8½” x 11″ paper documents, vertical filing cabinets will work best. If you have larger-sized documents, it’s better to go for a horizontal filing cabinet. 

What are they used for?

Compared to shelves, storage cabinets offer about twice as much storage capacity, and can be used to store paper goods, automobile parts, and even for safety reasons (such as storing sharp objects). They help utilize space more efficiently, and keep things organized. In an office, school, or hospital setting, Mobile storage cabinets are used to store files, documents, stationary, tools, or machinery. Being organized leads to higher productivity as well as greater worker satisfaction.

Different types of mobile cabinets/storage systems

Side-to-side tracks or lateral track systems, mobile storage systems, and rotary cabinets … there are many types of storage cabinets available. Depending on the purpose for which they’re intended, there are storage cabinets available in different sizes, shapes, designs, materials, and welding types (light- or heavy-duty). There are even storage cabinet systems around with adjustable shelves, and in different heights. What American Filing Systems has available are mobile storage systems, rotary cabinets, and those with side-to-side tracks or high density cabinets.

Mobile Storage Systems

Low profile

If you’re looking into low-profile mobile storage systems, they are more affordable and take less time to install than heavy-duty filing systems. They help you store more in an existing space, whether it has obstructions such as a sprinkler system, or low ceilings.

American Filing Systems can help you integrate our low-profile filing systems with other manufacturers’ shelving products if you’ve previously installed them. The innovative track system (groutless or recessed) will fit the layout of the facility or flooring depending on the model you choose.

We have two different low profile mobile tracking systems available: the MobileTrac3 Low Profile mobile storage system, and the Aurora Low Profile.

High density

Lateral or high density file cabinets are on rollers that move the system from left to right, as required, maximizing floor space and reducing the time that would have been wasted trying to find documents/material otherwise. American Filing Systems has mechanical, electric, and manual high density mobile storage systems to offer.

Rotary Filing Cabinets

Rotary filing cabinets can spin in any direction, are easy to access, extremely efficient, and can be used by two separate workstations. They are flexible and increase floor space availability, but require professional installation. Rotary cabinets are extremely useful for large offices and organizations. 

Which industries use storage cabinets/filing systems?

Storage filing systems come in handy in many areas including: healthcare, schools, colleges, banks, government, libraries and museums, corporate offices, law enforcement, electronics parts facilities, automotive parts facilities, in the police and the military.

They are also used in the manufacturing sector, insurance industry, sports facilities, service industries, and for public safety. If you are searching for the right storage cabinets or filing systems, contact American Filing Systems and let us help you determine the best ones for your requirements.