What to Look for in Knives for Sale

When you are shopping for knives for sale, there are a whole ton of things you need to look for in a seller before you even start parsing the parts of an actual knife. Therefore, this article will deal with what you should look for in a vendor rather than a knife, since what you will look for in a given knife will vary by the knife you want. Before you go pulling the trigger on any new purchases, find a supplier that can offer you the following traits.

Broad Selection

Unless you are a person who only collects Case Stockman Pocket Knives, and some people do, you should look for a seller that can afford you a broad selection of styles of knives. In fact, even if you do only shop for very specific lines of Case Knives, you’ll still want a broad selection. After all, if you already have a Case Stockman with red jigged bone scales, you should be onto the next.

What we mean is that you should look for a supplier that offers a broad selection because your needs in knives may vary. That’s precisely because one day you might be shopping for a small EDC knife for your back pocket and on the next you could be looking for a large fixed blade knife to make your primary camp knife.

High Quality Stock

You should also be looking for a supplier that sells only high quality stock and not a lot of the imported chaff that gums up the supply chains at flea markets and even some big box retailers. A knife is a tool and unless you will be looking at it all day, quality matters. Things like the type of steel used, the heat treatment applied, the grind of the blade and in the case of folders, the locking mechanism, all will affect the quality of knives.

Plenty of Brands

As mentioned above, you might only collect one brand of knife, but if you’re more ambitious, you should look for a provider that can offer you a bit more in terms of variety of brands. For example, find a seller that offers some staples like Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Tools as well as knives and tools from Buck, Gerber, Spyderco, Kershaw, Benchmade and more. Don’t forget that there are others out there, though and you might be looking for a Cold Steel, an ESEE or an OKC knife at any time.

Good Prices

As in nearly any industry, great prices are highly desirable and that is no different when it comes to shopping for knives. Plain and simply, get yourself a supplier that you can shop with time and time again that offers good prices and you won’t regret the initiative.

Responsive Customer Service

You’ll also want a supplier that answers your questions when you have them. Much of the time you’ll probably do your online shopping on your own, but in the event that you need help finding something, you’ll be glad to have a responsive seller in your camp.

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