What to Look at When Choosing IMG Travel Insurance?

Are you traveling abroad?

Still, figuring out what all needs to be done?

Have you yet contacted any travel insurance provider?

You are traveling abroad; that is good news but have you thought about the precautions you need to take while traveling abroad? By precautions, we mean an imaginary safety jacket. This safety jacket is the coverage provided by IMG travel insurance when you qualify any of the conditions listed in the terms and conditions of the insurance like an accident, health issues, attacks on the city, etc.

Many people get confused when it comes to buying IMG travel insurance because they have many options in front of them, and they don’t know where to go and what you should look into the offers provided. Different insurance providers will try to pitch you with their fancy glossary and heavy suggestions, causing even more confusion in your mind. It’s not like you do not have to listen to what they say, but you must also have an idea about the thing you are going to purchase.

These days you might have dozens of tabs open on your laptop in search of that travel insurance provider who could meet your expectations. You’ll have to read and talk to more and more people to conclude, but before doing that, you also need to look at some things in the plans that will help you get an insight into the plan.

So, here are points you need to keep in mind when choosing IMG Travel insurance.

1. Review Plan Benefits

When you go to buy a t-shirt for yourself, how do you buy it? You go inside the showroom to find the t-shirt you like most and then look for its size, color, variety of cloth and after analyzing these things you decide if you want to buy this t-shirt or not.

Similarly, go through the benefits of the plan again and again. Understand each and everything that you can and go deep into the plan’s benefits because these benefits are the reason you are even looking at this plan.

In benefits the main things that you need to focus your attention on are:

a) Exclusion: In most of the IMG travel insurance plans, there is a column for exclusions. The items included in this section are not going to be covered in the plan. Read the exclusions carefully and take note of which one does not apply to you.

b) Check out the Maximum Limit: The maximum limit of the insurance plan indicates the total amount the insurance company will pay after some time to satisfy the policy’s claim. You must check this section wisely.

c) Coverage for Adventurous Sports: How much you try to keep yourself away from the adventurous sports when traveling abroad, you will end up doing that. Different insurance providers have different views of adventurous sports. You should know beforehand how your travel insurance is going to cover you up in such conditions.

d) Emergency Medical Evacuation: Times is uncertain, and we have no clue what surprises might be there for us in the next second. One should always look for this option while buying IMG travel insurance to suffer in a foreign country when you have a medical emergency.

2. Decide on What Kind of Coverage You are Looking for

Primarily you have to clear about how much time you are going to spend overseas. According to that, select a short-term or long term plan for yourself. Most people don’t even know that these terms exist.

  • If you are planning on spending less than a year overseas or planning on to go on multiple international trips, then short term insurance will work for you.
  • If you plan to spend one year or more overseas for specific purposes, then buy a long term insurance plan that could help you all this while.

Go Through the Reviews

Before watching a movie, too, we check out the reviews, then buying IMG travel insurance is a big deal. You cannot just like that choose any policy. Look at the experiences of people who have used this plan before. Their reviews will give you an insight into what’s right in the offer and where it lacks.


These are points that you need to keep in mind when buying IMG travel insurance. If you are looking for a reliable IMG travel insurance provider, then Travel Insurance Master is the one that is serving its customers for the past decade.

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