What to Expect from Ladies Boho Clothing

Despite the fact that there are some unifying trends that are unmistakable as part of the design echelon of fashion, the only real thing you can consistently expect from ladies boho clothing is to expect the unexpected. You’ll have to pardon that undue execution of an overused maxim, but even brooking it, here are a few of the stylistic elements that are more common than not in ladies boho fashion. Don’t get too used to them though, because boho fashion is always unafraid to shake the boat.

If there is one thing that most typifies the appearance of boho clothing it might be its tendency to capitalize heavily on the influences of natural colors. The good news here is that all colors are natural in one way or another, so there is room for plenty of flexibility here. The main thing to look out for are earth tones. Dark verdant greens, dusty tans, and light yellows are all right at home in a catalog of boho fashion. By the same token, there are many bright reds and purples that you can find in a collection of boho gear because there are flowers that present these colors. If anything, it is uncommon to find odd complementary mixes in boho fashion – not because these colors are unnatural, but because the combinations themselves are relatively unnatural. Think combinations like red and green or blue and orange – not out of the question, just uncommon. If anything, however, some designers will take advantage of the scarcity of those designs and then successfully repackage it as boho. Weirder things have been done in the past.

Because boho fashion capitalizes so heavily on natural colors, it also follows that other natural themes are prevalent within the school of fashion. For example, it’s not at all uncommon to find dresses and tops with floral designs and prints or even animal prints worked into the piece of clothing. Again, there is neither a hard or fast rule for this, but it’s something you can look out for.

In addition, since boho clothing evolved from a trend necessitating what was available, there are many other unconventional elements that many designers work into boho fashion. Historically, bohemian camps would have a surplus of odds and ends, so it’s not uncommon to see large, bright buttons sewn onto boho clothing. At the same time, it’s relatively common to see boho clothing that uses a surfeit of ruffles or lace as a part of the design. In addition, there are items of boho clothing that are larger or smaller than they ought to be. Historically this was a matter of necessity – today it is a device to catch attention and it does a fine job of it.

Other than that, you can sometimes find boho fashion that makes use of cuts that are incongruous or asymmetrical which also arrests attention even though originally it was done as a matter of course. In short, as we stated at the outset of all of this, the only thing you can expect from ladies boho clothing is the unexpected. It sounds like a banal platitude, but it is a simple truth.

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