What to bring to Australia?

What to bring to Australia?

If you have decided to go on holiday to Australia it is good to know how to best prepare your suitcase, carefully inserting everything you may need for your stay.

Australia is a distant and very different country from India, with large cities, open spaces, tourist attractions and fantastic beaches, but also climate, temperatures and laws very different from ours.

For example in Australia it is summer when it is winter with us, it is no coincidence that Santa Claus is in Bermuda shorts at their place, the climate is generally warm or mild but you have to pay attention to violent downpours. If you go to areas such as Victoria and Tasmania instead, you may find snow in winter too. However, below are the most important things to bring to Australia regardless of where you go or when.

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First of all, it is essential to have a passport and all documents in order to enter Australia and pass the checks of the efficient Customs (inquire carefully on the institutional sites).

If you want to visit the beaches, don’t forget your swimsuit, a mask and the beach towel, but if you want to save space, you can buy the towel there too.In Australia it is essential to bring an adapter for the sockets, in this way you will be sure to being able to charge your electronic devices.


As far as clothing is concerned, it is better to dress in layers, so bring a jacket, some sweatshirts and t-shirts. Shoes are very important because people walk a lot in Australia, so make sure you have comfortable shoes and shoes suitable for the toughest terrains.

We also recommend that you bring a tracksuit if you want to be comfortable (especially while traveling) and elegant clothes if you want to go to trendy clubs and restaurants in Melbourne or Sydney.

Based on the places you intend to visit, the choice of clothing can be significantly determined by the climatic variation that affects such a vast area.

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In general, if you forget something do not worry because in Australia you will surely find everything you need, as both in the larger cities and in the smaller ones, you can give free rein to shopping. We obviously recommend reserving space in your suitcase for the most important things that may cost more once landed, such as shoes and elegant clothes.


Prepare a precise itinerary with everything you intend to visit, find out in advance about prices, timetables and how to reach the main places of interest: writing down all this information in a notebook to take during the trip will be a great thing.

Distances can be immense and deciding before departure the type of vacation you intend to spend could help to optimize time and reduce the stress of planning things to do. for visa consult here

One possible option is to plan a tour of the main cities including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.For example, those who go to Sydney cannot fail to admire the architecture of the Sydney Opera House. Those who go to Brisbane, Queensland, should definitely visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

A further alternative is to organize a nature tour to discover the scenic beauty of the country: National Park and the rainforest in the Gondwana area are not to be missed.

As far as electronics are concerned, it might be useful to use a dual SIM smartphone in order to activate an Australian card if you plan to stay away from home for longer.

Don’t forget travel insurance!:

Spending a vacation in a place that is within a 24-hour flight from India can happen unexpected events which, precisely because of the distance, can be amplified. Sunburn due to high temperatures or sore throats due to air conditioning in large shopping centers in major cities are the most common health emergencies.

In addition to health care, a travel insurance policy can also include a cancellation guarantee that protects against the risk of losing the money paid for the holiday in the event that you are forced to give up your trip and stay at home.

Even in the purchase of the insurance policy, planning is necessary to choose the product based on the guarantees in which you are most interested.