What residents of Hamilton Ontario have to say about life there

Canada is fast becoming an interesting place to settle in. Many flock to Canada for work and good living conditions. Ontario province in particular is becoming pretty attractive. Developing cities and a great economic outlook and the job market is making the area attractive. One of the cities that is becoming popular is Hamilton. The city offers great opportunities and is well connected to both the US and major Canadian cities. So, what residents of Hamilton have to say about the city is becoming increasingly important. Let us learn something about Hamilton and see what residents of Hamilton Ontario have to say about life there.

Hamilton the city

The city of Hamilton is statistically the ninth-largest city in Ontario. It is located halfway between Toronto and Buffalo. The city has developed as a manufacturing center predominantly in the steel industry. However, the outlook of the city changed over the years. Today it is a thriving economy and a growing business center. But learning about Hamilton requires us to analyze and find what residents of Hamilton have to say about the:

  • Neighborhoods,
  • Housing,
  • Cost of living,
  • Transportation,
  • Weather,
  • Things to do

All of these aspects have caused a considerable influx of people to Hamilton. Many residents are moving locally within the city as well as from nearby towns. Although local moving to Hamilton is not that hard the moving industry is developing fast. This is because the movers are in high demand for local services because the easiest way to do this is through hiring professional help.

Hamilton neighborhoods

Hamilton Ontario is home to a number of old neighborhoods that attract a lot of newcomers. its residents pride themselves in living in old areas of the city. The city is rich with Victorian-era homes and heritage houses. The most predominant neighborhoods in Hamilton are Dundas, Durant, and Kirkendall.


Hamilton’s housing market is great. Although the interest in housing is growing the city has managed to stay fairly affordable. Since 2019 the market is expanding but both real estate prices have mostly remained affordable. Rental property too is quite affordable which is why number1movers.ca and other moving companies are in high demand.


Although Hamilton has developed as a steel manufacturing city things have changed. The economy today is primarily based on the construction, sciences, education, and technology industries. The job market has also changed and the demand for professionals is rising. Top industries that are dominating Hamilton today are Biotechnology, health care, finance, and real estate.

Cost of living

Al in all the cost of living in Hamilton is not that high. This is adding to the appeal of the city. Combined with the fact that the economy and job market are developing, that there is a great potential for growth the city seems inviting.


The city is very well connected. The railway company manages integrated rail and bus transport. The fairs are affordable and the integrated transport system makes the city easy to maneuver and commute trough. Hamilton is also the busiest air cargo hub in Canada making it very important in the transportation domain.

Things to do

Hamilton is rich in natural beauties and scenic routs. The city offers an easy escape to over 100 waterfalls and cascades. Bruce Trail is great for hiking and cycling and all other forms of adventure. The cultural offering is also great. From the Warplane heritage museum, Royal botanical garden to the Dundurn castle it has all sorts of fun experiences to offer. At the same time, Art Gallery of Hamilton and a Museum of art have a great cultural, artistic and historic offer for its residents. Good weather makes all of these aspects of the city as well as sports very important and visited by the residents.

All in all the city of Hamilton is becoming a very desirable place to live. More and more newcomers are becoming residents of Hamilton Ontario. So consider moving here as a first step when coming to Canada.

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