What Makes Powertrac EURO 55 An Excellent Farm Tractor

What Makes Powertrac EURO 55 An Excellent Farm Tractor

Powertrac Euro 55 is a popular tractor that provides the finest advanced and modern specifications. The tractor was manufactured under the guidance of experts of Escort group. The group has a dedicated team and technical experts that create an amazing range of tractors that help in the most challenging farming operation.

Powertrac provides a fantastic range of tractors with 25 hp to 75 hp engine units. And Powertrac EURO 55 is one of them that come in a 55 hp engine unit with 2wd. The tractor has a powerful engine that consumes less fuel than other products. 

Euro 55 has four cylinders which provide several best-in-class features to farming. Following are the excellent features of the Powertrac Euro 55. 

  • The tractor model has 3680 CC engine that generates 1850 engine rated RPM. 
  • The PTO hp of the tractor model is 46.8. 
  • It has the best combo of balanced power steering and dual-clutch that provide comfortable and safe riding. 
  • The multi-plate oil immersed disc brake provides low slippage with high grip.
  • The 60-litre fuel tank allows the tractor to stay in the field for long hours. 
  • Besides, it comes with beneficial accessories like TopLink, tools, hook, drawbar, etc. 
  • The price range of the tractor model is Rs. 7.20-7.60 lakh*.