What Makes eCommerce SEO so Vital for Businesses?

Taking advantage of eCommerce SEO is perhaps one of the most effective ways of increasing sales for your business, but you may be wondering exactly what makes it work. As popular a buzzword as it is, SEO is still largely an obscure subject. It doesn’t help that for the most part, Google has remained mum on most of their internal ranking factors, which they claim number in the hundreds.

With that being said, there is a science behind SEO, and knowing the details of this science can dramatically improve how your business performs online. Ecommerce SEO, in particular, is powerful because it drives users directly to your products, which often translates into sales and even repeat business. SEO then acts as a conduit between your customers and products, which is the lifeline of any business.

SEO services a couple of primary functions for your eCommerce business, regardless of your industry, niche, or ultimate goals. Those two functions are getting your products seen by more potential customers, and crafting a powerful brand image. Both of these tasks are accomplished through the power of eCommerce SEO.

How Does SEO Translate Into Brand Authority?
The image of a brand is largely dependent on how relevant it is online. If you come up often in searches for a particular product or in a specific niche, you have brand authority, no question about it. SEO determines how well you rank and how often you appear in search results.

If you have a website or online store that is properly optimized to meet all of the latest SEO conventions, you will inevitably begin ranking for your specific keywords, resulting in more views, more traffic, more ubiquity in the search results, and more sales. Your brand will be recognized and linked to, and the end result is an image of reliability and trustworthiness.

Google used to be hit or miss with brand authority. Every site that ranked high wasn’t necessarily trustworthy, because it was rather easy to “game the system.” However, with successive algorithm updates, Google has perfected ranking metrics and has made it so that poor quality websites rarely, if ever, rank on page one of the search results. These days, if you’re ranking high, it means a lot of effort and calculation has gone into your website, and that your users trust you.

What About Product Visibility?

The subsequent result of high rankings and brand authority is that your products are going to appear in front of more eyes. If they like what they see and the product is of high enough quality, it’s going to get purchased. That’s simply how modern eCommerce works.

You can use eCommerce SEO to drive traffic right to your products, and if the user trust and brand authority are there, it’s highly likely that this traffic will convert to sales. SEO is like a signal that tells Google your products are high quality and worth getting seen by more people. In turn, the users act as the ultimate judge. If they quickly leave the page and rarely buy anything, this tells Google to lower your rankings. However, if your site is optimized and your products are worth purchasing, your users will click that buy button and Google will notice.

Investing in SEO For Your Business

Ultimately, your business will benefit immensely from investing in the right SEO services, such as those provided by a professional agency like Genius eCommerce. Their team of seasoned experts are veterans in the world of eCommerce SEO and will be able to develop your brand authority and increase your traffic by implementing the exact optimizations you need.

If you want to pull ahead of the pack and take advantage of this vital service for your eCommerce business, contact Genius eCommerce at 267-225-1946 to get started today.

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