What Kind Of Support You Should Give Your PCB Manufacturer To Avoid Delays?

You would have already learnt that customers constantly experience delays in the delivery of their PCBs ordered. Whenever we hear of delays in the PCB order delivery we tend to blindly assume that the delay is because of the PCB manufacturer. At times this is true but there are times whereby the manufacturer is not at fault. As a customer, you need to provide you manufacturer adequate support only then they will be able to avoid delays and deliver your orders on time. What kind of support does your PCB manufacturer need from you to ensure timely delivery of your orders?

When you are selecting your China PCB manufacturer, you should first identify the right partners to take care of your needs. Not all PCB manufacturers would be suitable for all types of requirements. So when you are screening itself, you should match the manufacturer profiles carefully so that you know that your manufacturer is capable of meeting your requirements.

Once you have matched the manufacturer profile, you will have to create a detailed specifications document for your manufacturer to follow. This specifications document should provide your manufacturer with all the required information so that they do not have to waste time contacting you asking for more information.

Deliver all the required files in a format that they could use if you send them the wrong formats then they will again have to get in touch with you asking for the required formats. Before you send any information to the manufacturer, you should check with them what exactly they would need from you and follow the list of details that they share with you when sharing the files. This will save your time and the time of your manufacturer.

Before ending the files to your manufacturer you should check whether you have provided them the information for all the layers. At times, the required information would be missing and they will not be able to proceed with the missing layer information.

If you focus on the above areas the chances of delays will be greatly reduced. Identify companies that match your requirements and secondly, share all the required details to your manufacturer in one shot after checking with them what kind of information they will need from you.

While we cannot deny the fact that customers experience delays in the manufacturing of PCBs, we also cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that there are a number of reliable PCB manufacturers that take pride in delivering the orders on time. If you are experiencing delays then it could only mean one of the two factors. You have either not identified the right match for your requirements or you have not shared them all the required information or you have shared them misleading or partial information. If you could address these issues correctly then you will be able to reduce the chances of delays by 90% and enjoy timely delivery of your PCBs.

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