What is Triethanolamine 99% Used For?

When crafting effective personal care products, you need certain ingredients that will help buffer and stabilize other ingredients. While that is their primary function, you preferably want these secondary supporting substances to also be high in quality and safe for your skin and hair.

Triethanolamine 99% is one such substance that is used in a wide variety of different skin and hair care products to help neutralize fatty acids, stabilize emulsions, adjust oils, and provide other important functions as well. It is an organic compound that is widely used for commercial, industrial, and personal purposes alike.

When it comes to the creation of personal care products, cosmetics, cleaners, and detergents, you ideally want to make sure that all of the ingredients that they contain are as high in quality as possible and are derived from natural or organic sources. While the active ingredient in certain mass-market products could be a beneficial and nourishing herbal extract for instance, what’s the point if the emulsifying agents or surfactants used to complete the recipe are artificial or dangerous for your skin?

You should go out of your way to look for only the highest quality when it comes to the ingredients in your formulas, even if you are looking for a simple stabilizing agent or ingredient that will play only a supporting role. It’s the combination, or holistic aspect, of your product that will ultimately determine just how healthy, helpful, and effective it is.

In the case of triethanolamine 99%, this is an organic substance that is a perfect solution if you are searching for a safe substance to use for pH buffering or overall stabilization. It is an extremely versatile substance that can be used in a long list of various items, from hand lotions to cosmetics, detergents, and even shaving products and paints. This means that regardless of the nature of your product in question, it’s likely that this substance will be able to help you formulate it. 

Where Can You Find High-Quality Organic Ingredients Online?

Finding the right ingredients is key to being able to craft effective recipes. Whether you are a hobbyist trying to create your own lotion or a company curious about where to source certain important ingredients from, you need a reliable source that you can count on to deliver superior quality products.

In the case of ingredients such as triethanolamine 99%, you want to take a look at Make Your Own Buzz. Their store has everything you need in order to fashion an amazing variety of different personal care products. Depending on your needs, the ingredients in their store could easily help you formulate your own soaps, hand sanitizer, shampoos, lip balms, and even cleaning products.

If you are searching for variety and quality, you can’t go wrong with Make Your Own Buzz. Their ingredients are all high in quality and are available in an array of quantities depending on your needs. Their online store is easy to navigate so you can find exactly what you are looking for in terms of producing your own formulas and products.

When crafting your own beneficial soaps, lotions, or any other personal care product, be especially mindful of what you need in order to make your product safe and effective. If you would like more information as to what kinds of ingredients you need to best complete your formula, get in touch with the team at Make Your Own Buzz today at (888) 583-7738, or visit their store where you can find quite the selection of great quality ingredients that will allow you to create just about anything you want to help you look and feel your best!

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