What Is The Top Keto-Friendly Magnesium Rich-Foods?

In a today blog post, we like to talk about what foods are high in magnesium that is also keto-friendly.
So men need about 420 milligrams of magnesium every single day, women are a little less, three hundred and twenty milligrams of magnesium every single day.

And there are quite a few foods that have a good amount of magnesium that is not keto-friendly.
So we’re not gonna recommend it like fruit grain potato beans legumes and even tofu but I will say that if you are vegan and you’re trying to do keto some tofu might be okay as long as it’s organic but generally speaking and not recommending it.

I remember one time I went to Whole Foods and I saw these little chicken nuggets they look really good.
So I got some and I started consuming them and they just tasted very strange and I ate quite a bit of them and I started getting really sick.

Well, come to find out they weren’t chicken they were tofu chicken and Didn’t like it too much.
Let’s go with number one!
Pumpkin seeds.

Have a tremendous amount of magnesium a hundred and fifty milligrams per ounce that’s three tablespoons all right.
Number two spinach.
At a hundred and fifty-seven milligrams per cup.
Now if you’re a female you need three hundred and twenty milligrams, so you can see that two cups of spinach will easily give you that requirement.
And then we have almonds.

At 80 milligrams per ounce.
So in salmon has about 53 milligrams and if you wanted a visual of what that would look like it would be about half of a fillet.
And then you have chocolate.
Which has 64 milligrams per ounce.

58 milligrams per medium-sized avocado so you’d have to consume quite a few avocados to reach your daily requirements.
So again it’s not that high but it’s higher than other foods.
Okay, Swiss chard has 29 milligrams per cut.
then cashews.

Have about 28 milligrams per ounce.
So as I’m looking at this chart right here it’s gonna be pretty easy to get your magnesium if you’re doing spinach or Swiss chard or other leafy greens that I did not mention here.
You can also do pumpkin seeds which seems to be pretty easy.
So all you would have to do is consume several ounces of pumpkin seeds to get your daily amount of magnesium.

But I wanted to give you a few reference points on magnesium and how difficult it is.
If you look at the foods that have the most magnesium of any of the foods.
And this explains why the majority of the population just doesn’t get enough magnesium.

Nor potassium for that matter they don’t consume enough greens they’re probably not consuming pumpkin seeds.
They might be consuming a lot of chocolate but of course with the sugar when I’m recommending chocolate I’m recommending the sugar-free chocolate.

Also, there is something else, many people searching for magnesium plus.
Magnesium supplements and possibly magnesium plus contain vital nutrients essential for muscle, nerve and enzyme function. but you need a medical consultation
Source of information:
Dr.erec berg.
Thank you, sir or madam, for reading and for your attention!
I hope I give you all you need and the keto-friendly magnesium-rich foods.

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