What Is the Best Way to Prepare for the CISSP Exam?

Are you thinking to embark on a career with CISSP Certification? Well, this must be your first plan for your career to get a boost if you belong to the Information Security sector. This course not only improves your skills and strengthen your resume but also make you the most desirable candidates in an interview. CISSP validates your skills that you have knowledge and ability to crack the difficulty level set by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2.

So, if you have made your mind to grow in your career by adding a certification to your resume, you should go through the information explained below and prepare for the CISSP Certification.

What is The CISSP Exam?

The Certified Information Systems Security Professionals Certification which also known as (CISSP) certification, is nothing but a recognized standard across the world in the field of Information Security. The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium governs this certification to facilitate the professionals with effective designing and managing the security controls in any organization to keep the data secure.

Besides, if you want to get the CISSP Certification, you must have at least experience of five years in the field of professional information security. Additionally, it should be endorsed by a certified CISSP professional. Also, you may get a one-year waiver when you have done a four-year graduation degree or else, you have acquired (ISC)2 approved credentials. The CISSP Certification exam consists of 250 multiple-choice questions and you are required to score at least 75% or more to pass complete the certification course.

How Much Time do you need to Devote on CISSP Exam Prep?

The most important point while preparing for the CISSP exam is you should understand the nature of the course material first and then start preparing for the exam. For different professionals, it requires different time to prepare for the examination:

  • Risk Manage Professionals find it adequate to prepare and clear the exam with a dedicated study session of 60-70 hours.
  • IT Professionals require 40-50 hours to prepare for Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certification and can clear the exam without any trouble.
  • (ISC)2 approved materials is necessary to cover while appearing for the exam regardless of the professional background.

Now, you must be thinking about the difficulty level of the CISSP exam. Well, if you’re wondering how hard it is to crack this exam. There is only an approx 20% pass rate for the CISSP exam. So, here are some tips to prepare for CISSP, go through them.

Understand the CISSP Language, Pattern, and CISSP Concepts

How one can pass the examination is completely depends on the method of study and the amount of effort that he or she put into it. It might be possible that you couldn’t make it to CISSP Certification even if you have done Certified Information Systems Security Professional Training.

You should prepare for the exam by studying each domain in the CBK and understand the pattern, the questions content, the CISSP concepts, and the language of the exam. The better you relate the concepts to real-world examples, the easier it will be to remember the information and it enhances the chances to clear the exam.

Use Multiple Study Resources to Prepare for CISSP Certification

Preparing for the examination through only books won’t help you. You should go through various CISSP study guides online as well as print materials. You can also enroll in the CISSP certification training online course to pass the examination on your first attempt. In this way, you can practice for the exam through mock tests and sample papers designed as per the standard of (ISC)2 and conducted by an authorized institute.

Join Study Groups to Prepare for the CISSP Exam

Although enrolling in a certification training class may be expensive for you, it worth spending your money to join such boot camps. You can participate in a group discussion with fellow aspirants who are also preparing for the CISSP exam. In this way, you can discuss the CISSP modules, review the domains, and exchange the CISSP Exam tips. This makes a strong understanding of domains and lets you learn from the experience of professionals who are also aspiring to make their career in CISSP.

Prepare for CISSP Exam by Managing Your Time

While you are preparing to crack the CISSP exam on the first attempt, you must prioritize your time on the level of experience. Manage your time and make a schedule how much time you need to give to study on a particular domain or topic. You can spend your 2 to 3 hours a day on CISSP Books while you can take an online test until you score 70% in the mock test.

To tackle the difficulty that you face in preparing for the CISSP, you should divide the parts that you know well and on which you need to work hard. Once you find out how much time you have to spare to study, divide 50% tie in reviewing the study materials that you have and 50% to take the tests.

On the other hand, you are involved in group discussions; you should give 20% for this and 40% for each study and test. Once you start to manage your time, you’ll be preparing for the exam without any difficulty.

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CISSP Exam Strategy

When you have a complete strategy to give the CSSIP exam, you can save lots of time that usually an aspirant waste on unwanted stress or nervousness. Once you have planned how you want to give an examination, you won’t face any hassle.

First of all, you should go through all questions and answer those only that you are 100% sure about. Next, try for those questions in which you are doubtful since there are multiple options so eliminating the wrong answer won’t be a tough call to make.

Also, it takes 6 hours to complete the whole examination process and that may be tiring for you so make sure you should have a sound sleep night before the examination. This will make you fresh and energetic which helps you to be in control of your mind.

Passing the CISSP Certification is a process consisting of many steps and you need to take care that you’re not skipping any step. However, it takes time to follow all the steps; the result is fruitful when you do things accordingly.

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