What Is the Best Credit Card App?

Instant loan apps are the new kids on the block after the credit cards. A few years ago, credit cards changed our relationship with money. Both these products have made money from something tangible to a digital number. We don’t feel the same physical association with it anymore and treat it like a fluctuating asset. We are more likely to spend it than keep it, which works for the economy and overall growth.

Credit cards and loan apps have become essential to the lifestyle we live in now. While earlier before buying something expensive, we would toil and save our money, failing most of the time as something or the other came up. Now we can buy whatever we want in an instant and pay the amount in smaller chunks. It has significantly improved our purchasing power, and we like that.

Credit cards are slowly getting replaced by credit card apps, or as some would call as instant loan apps that offer so much more. There is no limit of options while looking for a credit card app. In this post, we shed light on features that make a good credit card app and how best to identify them. 

Different loan apps offer unique services. Some not as useful as others. While looking for a loan app, you should look out at these features –

1. Look out for an app that provides Personal loans. Personal loans are a great help in navigating tight financial situations. They improve your credit score and offer you an easy way to divide huge expenses into smaller chunks. A desirable feature from loan apps is flexible repayment. You want an app that gives you the lowest interest rate and the longest tenure, so loans don’t become a burden on your life. Drowning under the weight

of the credit and living life to chase your EMIs is no way to live. Take loans responsibly and pay them in time to gain maximum benefit.

2. Look out for an app that provides you an online market place with great offers and discounts on maximum items. Competition is tight. Each app is trying to reach a larger audience and win customers by providing maximum offers. Some apps are winning, such as Bajaj FinServ that offers a variety of handpicked services, all under a single roof. It is beneficial for us. We get discounts and offers that weren’t just possible before this.

3. Some of the best loan apps are also well equipped with digital wallet services. For example, Bajaj Finserv is powered with Mobikwik, which offers a range of spectacular wallet services. You can send out money to your friends, pay online bills, do mobile recharges, transfer money to your bank account, and make other online payments. 

4. Another great feature that only the best apps are providing is digital expense manager. We all know we are treading a slippery slope when it comes to money management. Keeping a tab on your expense is highly beneficial. You get you peace of mind as you don’t end up with an empty wallet at month’s end and are also protect you against late payments, fines, and unnecessary interests.

4. Look for 24/7 customer support, the latest feature in online loan apps in an AI-powered digital assistant. More and more apps are coming with this – an AI bot service that’s intelligent enough to understand your requirements and suggest you the best plans and services. Choose an app that provides offline customer service along with AI. 

5. While all of the features are good. They are no use if you can’t trust the Brand. Its money after-all! Always look for online loan apps that are supported and backed by trusted and known brands. They offer you the best reliability and trustworthiness. You can finally be at peace with your money related troubles. Finding an app that provides you financial security is a huge relief in our already stressed lives. Just be a little vigilant and stay away from scammers as you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money, or worse, risk your sensitive information. 

With revered and trusted brands, you can stop being overtly precautions and focus more on the subject at hand – Shopping!

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