What is the Australia PR Visa Process from India?

When it comes to starting a new life abroad, Australia never fails to be the premier choice of the immigrants. The Kangaroo land has a thriving economy which means that there is no dearth of opportunities there. This country is always successful in keeping its promises of a better quality of life and a multi-society where there is serene ambiance everywhere.

What makes this country a top choice for most of the immigrants is that it provides a Permanent Residency Visa that has a validity of 5 years. With an Australia PR Visa, you can work and live in the Land of Kangaroos with your beloved family for a period of 5 years. Moreover, you can also apply for Australian Citizenship post living there for 3 years.

Now, prior to moving to a new country, you must be aware about the perks that this country offers to its immigrants. The benefits offered are sure to encourage you to apply for Permanent Residence this year.

  • Full Working Rights

Once you get the status of PR, you can work anywhere you want without any confinements. You can pick any occupation that you’re interested in and start working without any hassle, however there are certain exceptional jobs such as Public Administration or armed powers under which only the Australian Citizens can apply.

  • Support and Sponsor Your Family

Post getting hold of the PR Visa, you can sponsor your family members to become permanent residents. After all, nothing is better than living your life with your beloved family in the beautiful world of Kangaroos and Koalas.

  • Your Child Born in Australia Will become Australian Citizen Automatically

If you’re a permanent resident and your child is born in the Kangaroo Land, he/she will automatically be regarded as the PR by birth. Amazing, isn’t it?

  • Access to Take Loans for Study Purpose

The PR Visa Holders are given the benefit of getting monetary help through the Higher Education Loan Programs (HELP), that aids you in studies so that you don’t face any difficulty.

  • Human Services Privilege

Once you become a PR, you can avail the top-notch medical facilities that in turn will give you free treatment at open clinics and less expensive healthcare coverage.

So, do you want to apply for the Australian PR Visa from India this year? You all know that there are different programs to get hold of the PR. Amongst all, the General Skilled Migration program is the best one to go with this year. There are three sub-categories under this program such as:

  • Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

It is the one under which there is no requirement to get any nomination or sponsorship from any state, any eligible employer or any eligible family member.

  • Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

It is a nominated visa under which you need to get a nomination from a state or a territory to apply under this visa.

  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 491

It is a temporary visa that requires you to either get a nomination from a state or sponsorship from any eligible family members living in the Kangaroo Land as a permanent resident or Australian Citizen.

What is the Process to Apply for the PR from India?

Well, prior to applying under any of the above-mentioned categories, it’s mandatory to have a look at the PR process well-in-advance so that you don’t encounter any difficulties at a later stage. The following mentioned are 11 ladders that can help you enter the castle of success with great ease.

Step 1:  Find an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List and make sure that it is a perfect match for your skills and years of expertise.

Step 2: Check your points in the Australian PR, Immigration Points Calculator and have a look at how much you score. Keep in mind that 65 is just a minimum requirement, however, higher the points, higher are the chances to get an invitation.

Step 3: Determine your Assessing authority for special English Requirements.

Step 4: Register your name in the English Language proficiency tests and get high marks.

Step 5: Submit and obtain your skills assessment (Make sure that it must be positive and must be in the occupation that’s in-demand)

Step 6: Submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) online (Make sure it must be attractive)

Step 7: Meet the Requirements and Receive an Invitation from the DHA

Step 8: Post getting the invitation, lodge your PR application and upload your pertinent documents

Step 9: Submit your medical Clearance certificate and PCC to showcase that you’re in good health and a good character.

Step 10: Have a little patience for your Visa To get approved.

Step 11: Get Approval and plan your arrival

Final Words

You all might be aware that when it comes to Kangaroo land, there is no dearth of opportunities. Well, in order to take advantage of the opportunities, make sure that you select the best category and meet the requirements so that there come no hurdles in the entire process and the entire process remains as smooth as a knife in the butter.

Dreaming of living the rest of your life there? Well, it’s the best time to apply and plan your arrival despite the corona outbreak as the country is still accepting the PR applications from all across the globe without any hitch. The well-sorted immigration system makes this nation worth it. So, spare no expense! Just a one-time investment and fruitful results for the entire life.

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