What is Shutdown/Turnaround Management Solution and Its Benefits

What is Shutdown/Turnaround Management Solution and Its Benefits

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Before talking about how shutdown, turnaround, and outages (STO) solutions work, let’s first discuss these events in brief. A turnaround is an event that takes place periodically and is related to the maintenance of a company’s asset, in order to restore their production capacity, reliability, and operability to what they were originally designed to deliver. This maintenance event is carried out adhering to the predefined tasks in a timely and cost-effective manner. It also needs to be done keep a close watch on the risks associated with the process.

The activities that are a part of this maintenance event have to be planned properly and well in advance. Another thing to ensure is that these activities should be in line with specification standards of different equipment and assets. Turnaround often results in downtime that can hamper the productivity of assets and overall efficiency of plants. You can minimize the downtime by carefully planning, budgeting, and executing the entire process. This is where a shutdown, turnaround, and outages (STO) solution comes into the picture. It helps you manage all these aspects so that you can bring the downtime down considerably. 

Whether you are looking for SAP STO solutions for metal industry, oil and gas industry, or chemical and cement industry, you need to make sure that you compare the available options on all parameters that are specific to your company and its people. When you have the right SAP STO solution in place, you will see how your plant gets revitalized. It will ensure that your assets reliability, safety, and performance are restored after the maintenance event and that the downtime that hurts businesses often after turnaround is minimized.
The right STO solution for your company will help you manage everything that you associate with the process – Right from estimation, budgeting, and planning to scheduling, execution, and analysis. It will help your plan workers to make the most of their turnaround plans that include cost control, safety plans, risk analysis, procurement, resources analysis, and QA/QC.

Safety is more important than anything else in such maintenance projects, which your STO solution will specially help you look into. When you do this, you will be able to reduce the events that can cause illness/injury and delays. 

Downtime caused by turnaround can result in unimaginable losses for a company. Even an hour of downtime can have a company losing a lot of money in revenue. An STO solution however, can help you deal with this situation and bring your equipment back into operation in lesser time. It helps you manage different aspects of turnaround maintenance work that take more time than others and are the reason behind the delays. 

Turnaround maintenance is a very important part of the life cycle of your assets. When you manage this event properly, you will be able to enjoy significant time and cost savings. 


A turnaround is a critical part of an asset’s life cycle. Proper management can lead to significant cost savings, as turnaround performance has a direct impact on the company’s revenue and profit and losses. Get educated now and improve your skills and knowledge to bring your turnaround to the next level and compete with the best of industry.