What is included in the first class on Hawaiian Airlines?

“E Komo Mai, welcome onboard” – that is the thing that Hawaiian Airlines First Class menu peruses, and a warm greeting if exactly what you’ll get. Ideal for those needing to enjoy somewhat more extravagance on their movements to or from the US, share the Aloha soul on your next excursion to Hawaii.

Only weeks before I had perused a survey of Hawaiian Airlines’ First class lodge in Luxury Travel’s 2014 Winter release and was eager to check whether my sentiments coordinated. I’d recently flown three legs in Hawaiian Airlines’ new Economy Comfort seating and was interested in how their First class piled up in correlation.

For one thing, I want to call attention to a couple of things. Hawaiian Airlines’ First class lodge is “American Domestic First” (otherwise known as Business Class) and keeping in mind that Hawaiian just works two-classes of movement – First and Economy – it has as of late actualized their Economy Comfort lodge, which is an Economy Plus lodge and not exactly a genuine Premium Economy. Right, presently we’re on the same wavelength let the audit start…


(Note: as of mid-2020, Hawaiian Airlines are turning out level falsehood seats on their A330 fleet!!!)

With only 18 seats in the First lodge, orchestrated in a two-two-two format, Hawaiian offers their top-notch flyers a lot of room and solace on the 9 hours brief trip to Sydney from Honolulu. The seats on my flight were the old lodge plan; agreeable blue cowhide situates that wasn’t a lot greater than in economy however the room to breathe was ample.

While agreeable, Hawaiian doesn’t yet offer a level falsehood administration like contenders on the course and rather have decided to keep the restricted lean back permitting with a pitch of around 46″ (116cm). The new First class lodge (picture beneath by The Design Air) has been planned in hearty tones – creams and tans – speaking to the earth and, besides upholstery, are generally indistinguishable from what was offered on my flight.

Looking out for my seat was an essential pleasantries box – eye cover, ear attachments, and velcro-fitting shoes – just as an agreeable Hawaiian designed cover and pad. I was informed that typically you are additionally given a dental unit however I didn’t get one on this specific flight. In the wake of putting away my things and subsided into my seat, I was offered one of Hawaiian’s unmistakable mixed drinks – the Na Pua (guava juice and champagne) or another refreshment.

(To discover more about the new Hawaiian Airlines lodge configuration read The Design Air’s survey here.)

In-Flight Entertainment

The huge 27cm touchscreen screen jumps out of the armrest with a lot of decisions for voyagers needing to get up to speed with films, TV, music, or games. I do find that Hawaiians’ In-Flight Entertainment frameworks can, on occasion, have some slack, however, generally, they’re of decent quality and utilitarian. I was pretty content with the scope of motion pictures accessible, including kids packs for the most diminutive flyers. The best part is that amusement is complimentary for First class travelers dissimilar to the restricted choices or pay-more only as costs arise packs in Economy.


The food onboard Hawaiian Airlines is certainly a stick out, especially as far as newness. Truth be told, I would even go as far as to state that the menu, assembled by grant-winning Chef Chai Chaowasaree, are among the best I’ve tasted noticeable all around. Enlivened by the islands, the menu incorporates Entrees, for example, salmon round or butternut squash and lobster bisque, Mains incorporating Pacific salmon enveloped by rice paper with macadamia nut pesto or stuffed chicken wings, and obviously a sweet treat, my most loved being the pineapple-coconut frozen yogurt! Cook Chaowasaree has likewise ensured that Hawaiian Airlines’ suppers are for the most part normal without any additives or MSG’s additional and are completely fixed inside eco-accommodating bundling.

One thing to note is that Hawaiian Airlines’ doesn’t offer uncommon dinners to meet dietary limitations, as indicated by their site, and proposes the individuals who have dietary needs to bring their own food installed.

Additional items

From the Hawaiian music that they played out of sight as individuals boarded or checked-in – somewhat cliché yet much adored and gets you in that ‘Hawaiian’ mind-set – to access into the agreeable however meager Premier Lounge in Honolulu; Hawaiian Airlines offering might be somewhat restricted contrasted with different airlines yet agreeable and inviting it unquestionably is.

My two fundamental objections for Hawaiian Airlines First is the seat lean back (long stretch needs level falsehood, however maybe I’m being somewhat spoilt in the wake of flying with different airlines) and the close to Arctic states of the entirety of my flights with Hawaiian, not simply this specific flight.

Redesigns at registration and the door might be accessible. For flights to territory USA I have been informed that overhauls for the most part start at USD$250, anyway for my departure from Honolulu to Sydney I was charged USD$735 which was, as I would like to think, decidedly a lot to pay for a move up to Hawaiian Airlines First class. (I would pay close to USD$500)

Would I fly Hawaiian Airlines Reservations once more? Instantly. The appeal of the lodge group and ground staff (especially those in Sydney who went the additional mile to guarantee I made the plane after ticket stuff up), the tasty food and the agreeable seats in both Business and Economy – however, some additional seat cushioning wouldn’t go off to some faraway place – makes Hawaiian one of my #1 airlines.

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