What is Breaststroke? Overviews and Swimming Techniques

What is Breaststroke Techniques?

The breaststroke swimming is considered as the basic swimming stroke. This technique is taught to novice swimmers. The breaststroke swimming technique is very essential to save swimmers from danger or harm. Here swimmers can breathe easily. This issue can be ignored. There are certain techniques for the breaststroke technique. Now I am highlighting them.

Breaststroke Techniques

Alignment of body

Body and head should be aligned properly for the breaststroke swimming. The swimmer can fall in injury due to improper alignment. The head moves slightly with respect to the spine. It increases the maximum efficiency. The body has to keep streamlined. The eyes keep looking downward during swimming. The trunk has to provide a combination between shoulders and hips. Hips have to keep above the water.

Factors of breaststroke swimming

The breast stroke technique can be divided into some suitable steps. They are arms pull, legs kick, breath, and gliding. These four factors must be considered to be a good breaststroke swimmer. Their descriptions are given below.

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Breathing for breast stroke swimming

Breathing is the most important factor in swimming. You have to know how to take a breath during breaststroke swimming. The improvement in swimming depends on it.  You have to take a breath very quickly to be a good breaststroke swimmer. One breath is allowed for one cycle. If you waste more time for breathing, you may not be a good swimmer. Breath is taken when trunk rises and before it begins to lower.  Thrust the above water level by head to take a breath. The eyes have to keep looking forward and use mouth to take inhale during breathing. It provides you comfortable breaststroke swimming.

Arms pull technique

Proper movement of arms and hands maintain the efficiency of swimming. This function is easy but it has to finish very quickly. Energy is required to do this function. The arms should move correctly and create a proper pull on the water for the breaststroke swimming. Make your hand as prayer position, then extending forward to pull the water. So that a circular motion arises and it leads you forward. Prepare your hands as they catch water and keep your legs close together. You can swim fast by doing this function quickly. The arm stroke is a very essential factor for breaststroke swimming.

Kick of legs

The motion of swimming depends on the correct kick of legs on water. The beginners should pay proper attention to breaststroke kick. Feet always move at high speed. Kick speed maintained by foot rhythm. The popular name of kicks in breaststroke swimming is “frog kick“. Jump in the water as like frog is called frog kick. Legs kick is provided to achieve maximum strength during swimming. Wide kicks help to get high speed.

Glide phase

The glide phase is obtained after kicks of the leg. The glide momentum indicates the end of the cycle. You have to glide forward during swimming. Hands and legs are in a free position during this stage.

It is easy to swim. You can be a good breast stroke swimmer’s best robotic pool cleaner by more practicing.

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