What is an Accounting ERP?

In the search for the best accounting solutions for your SME, it is likely that you have heard about accounting ERP on more than one occasion. However, there is great ignorance regarding the real capabilities of these platforms and under what instances they are truly useful. That is why, below, we will tell you all about these software and, in addition, we review alternatives to find the system that best suits your business.

Accounting is critical to maintaining good financial health. We have already talked about this on several occasions, highlighting some points of vital importance, especially to avoid having problems with the Internal Revenue Service. In this sense, knowing what type of system to support is key, as there are platforms designed especially for SMEs and others that allow you to cover much more.

It is precisely in this search when platforms appear that, although they fulfill the objective of helping you manage the accounting of a business, could be excessive for the requirements of your small or medium-sized company or, if you are an independent accountant, to carry the finances of your clients.

What is an accounting ERP? Here we tell you!

Strictly speaking, when we talk about an ERP Accounting Software solutions in Dubai we are mixing two totally different things. The term refers, on the one hand, to accounting software and, on the other, to enterprise resource planning systems – or ERP (enterprise resource planning) – which are platforms specially designed for large companies , in which there are many Complex areas and processes that require constant supervision and support.

We are talking about systems with multiple functionalities, integrated into a whole to function as a macro software capable of covering all areas in which its operation is required. This leads us to disprove a myth around these types of tools: their modules cannot work separately, as is often believed.

For example, a fishery that needs to monitor its shipments, keep a registry of the warehouses, manage the salaries of hundreds of workers, manage shipments and coordinate in real time with customers and suppliers, could use an ERP to handle aspects such as those mentioned In addition to accounting, of course. However, in no case can they contract tools separately. ERP is a whole.

At present, it is possible to find various accounting software in UAE, from the classic and simple Excel spreadsheet to complex ERPs. However, in the middle there are platforms specialized in specific tasks -such as Accounting, Electronic Invoicing or Remunerations- capable of working by modules (independent or integrated), adapting to the real needs of the entity that requires them.

Now that you know that accounting ERP does not exist as such, how could you keep the accounting of your company or your clients in an intelligent, orderly and fast way?

Accounting software: the solution for SMEs and independent accountants

Fortunately, there are accounting software, both online and offline, with the ability to adapt to specific requirements. Thus, you do not need to invest a large sum in platforms of which you will only use one or another tool.

Accounting software is designed with SMEs and independent accountants in mind. This, because they have modules developed for specific tasks, such as Accounting, remuneration or Electronic Invoicing. In addition, some allow the integration of their tools to make work even easier and, in this way, ensure good financial health.

 What makes these platforms ideal for SMEs and independent accountants?

  • Easy to use : its design and development is intended for rapid learning. With this, after a short training you will be able to handle them.
  • Specific functions : each module of an accounting software is designed to develop specific tasks, avoiding confusion and errors when handling data. In this way, you can hire only those you need, making the most of resources.
  • Integration : some accounting software, despite having modules for specific tasks, allow integration between them. As an example, there are platforms that work together Electronic Invoicing and Accounting, transferring data from one to the other. Thus, the tasks take less time, you avoid errors in the data entry and it allows, in the case of SMEs, that the accountant and the client work together.

Were you looking for an accounting ERP that adapts to your company or, if you are an accountant, to work with your clients? Well, you already know that with accounting software you will get better results, without wasting resources. Do you want more information ERP Accounting Software solutions in UAE!

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