What is a vintage band?

Vintage bands recreate the music and elegance of yesteryear starting with the roaring 1920s with the likes of Jazz, blues, swing, dance band, and ragtime which are just a couple of the genres of that decade. Blues, gospel, ethnic music, and swing jazz within the 1930s being the foremost popular sorts of music from this era. Vintage bands also cover from the ’40s which was built around the jazz and large band styles that were popular at this point.  The ’50s included rock and roll with the likes of the late great Elvis Presley which proved to be the foremost popular of this era.

These vintage-style bands and singers not only sound great they dress accordingly to their specific era bringing back the razzle-dazzle of that specific decade.

All the craze at this time are vintage bands with a twist, if you’re trying to find some unique entertainment for your wedding or event then why not book one these amazing bands. They’re going to take a classic modern tune and put their own unique twist on the song and perform it the style of the specific era.  

So if you’re looking for something completely different then vintage bands for hire Gatsby-style swing bands are the right performers for you!

If you’re trying to find something a touch more intimate you may choose a vintage singer instead. They also cover classics from 1920s and 1940s jazz to the raunchy dance band swing of the ’50s and ’60s. These singers will perform to quality backing tracks and sound great and their appearance will be fantastic, so get your flapper dresses and spats ready be ready to sing to a number of the 1920s and 30s ‘ best-known songs!

These are just a couple of ideas on vintage bands which will be useful for you to book a band or singer for your next event. Vintage bands for hire have everything covered for your next themed wedding or party.

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