What Happens When You Don’t Wear 4E Work Boots?

Listen closely, because we’re going to tell an extremely important cautionary tale that has some serious consequences to those who will refuse to heed it. We’re going to tell the tale of what happens when you don’t wear 4E Work Boots.

If you’re thinking, my boot width is C or D, then you’re fine. This warning isn’t for you anyway so you don’t need to heed it, but it might be better for you if you did, just in case. Instead of cautioning you about what will happen if you don’t wear 4E work boots, we can make it more general. This is what will happen if you don’t wear work boots that are sized properly for your feet. Specifically, this is what will happen when you wear boots that are too narrow for your feet.

To preface this, we have to call to mind what the essential function of most work boots is. In general, work boots protect your feet while supporting you so that you remain safe and comfortable at work. Going deeper into the fact that boots are intended to protect your feet, let’s take a look at some of the features they offer. They often have fairly tough soles and a shank, as well as a liner and footbed. They are also typically crafted from really tough materials like rubber or full grain leather that, while it is comfortable when sized properly, is very, very tough. Some of them even have a steel toe to protect your feet from falling or crushing hazards.

We’ll start this out easy and take a look at what happens when you don’t wear 4E width work boots, and the hypothetical boots in question will be soft toe boots. Just to illustrate the point, imagine you pick up any old pair of soft toe work boots that are, say, two sizes too narrow for you. They’d be 2E width shoes if you wear a 4E pair otherwise. Also, for the purposes of this argument these shoes will be brand new so there’s been no breaking in.

The first thing you’ll notice after you make the turn and get your foot inside the boot is that they are really tight. They might not quite be uncomfortable just yet, but they certainly will be very tight. More than anywhere else, you will be likely to notice this around the balls of your feet where the boots experience the most flex. Although, that being said, you’ll probably notice that the boots are really tight about the vamp, and you might feel the squeeze around your ankles as well.

Boots are constructed to protect you, which means they are tough and rugged. That tough, rugged nature wll translate into squeezing your feet raw if you wear narrow boots when you need wide ones. By the way, boots are tough, but not as tough as the human body – over time the body heals but boots don’t. Therefore, you won’t just be uncomfortable yourself if you wear narrow boots, but you’ll be driving those boots into an early grave. In the short term you will be uncomfortable, in the long term your boots will fall apart before their time.

The truth is you don’t want to know what happens if you don’t wear 4E work boots that are steel toe. We won’t illustrate too creatively, so we’ll just leave you with this. You’ll have much worse than blisters. Never try to get away with wearing boots that are too narrow for your feet if the boots have a steel or any other safety toe. It’s not worth finding out, first person, what will happen.

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