What EXACTLY Is ClickFunnels – An Inside Look

If you are the person who wants to rule the marketing industry and you hear this name “ClickFunnels” and wonder is this the key to become successful in the marketing game. 

Well, it sure not is the key but it is the guide that can lead to to the key that can open the true world and a successful world for you in this marketing game. And if you are still wondering that what ClickFunnels is then don’t worry you have clicked on the perfect article because here we are going to take a look at some of the best features of ClickFunnels. Basically it is an overview of ClickFunnels in short.

So, without further ado let’s get started with the article and get inside of ClickFunnels so that you can be the next member to join that community. 

What Exactly is ClickFunnels:

ClickFunnels is a marketing software that allows you to do various things that are related to the marketing field. And yes! You can build your website on it as well. Though it does not say website it is similar to that as you can create one and sell your products or your affiliated products there. 

This creation is completely from scratch and when it comes to themes then I would recommend you to check out Magen Themes for some bold and elusive themes option that you can choose to create your Funnel.

With that, there are various options that you can choose and these features and options I have discussed down below. So, if you think that it is simple software yes it is with an easy user-friendly interface and a whole portal that can give you access to different marketing tools. 

What ClickFunnels can do:

Like most softwares, ClickFunnels™ has things it specializes in and was built for, and other things that it doesn’t do so well (primarily because it wasn’t built for them).

The primary things ClickFunnels™ can do are:

Sales Funnels:

This is what they are known for and this is what they do best. They make it easy to create instant sales funnels that convert. The sales funnels can take payments, capture emails, integrate with other softwares including Zapier, host webinars, and do pretty much anything else you would need in a sales funnel.

Email Marketing Automation:

ClickFunnels™ has a built-in program called Actionetics that can automate your email sequences. So when people put in their email address on the first step of a funnel you can send them specific emails. If they purchase the first product, but not the second product, you can send them additional emails to try and market the second product. It is all built into the ClickFunnels™ platform to make it easy for a solopreneur to create and track.

Membership Area Creator:

If you are in the digital space and sell memberships to training, ClickFunnels™ has a built-in platform to host your memberships and give access when people purchase in your funnel. The one weakness here is that the videos have to be hosted elsewhere, for example, Wistia or YouTube, so there is some room for your content to get stolen.

Affiliate Program Host:

ClickFunnels™ has used their affiliate program to grow insanely fast, and so they have built-in software to help others do the same. You can host an affiliate program in ClickFunnels and payout your affiliates who send you traffic whenever that traffic purchases through one of your sales funnels.

Not a Blog:

Many new users try to use ClickFunnels™ as a blog. This is simply not what it was made for. They don’t understand what ClickFunnels™ is. If you mistake this software with the blog then you are a fool because this software is an entirely different thing than blogging or producing content or even ranking it in the search engine. It was made to send traffic, capture their email, and then maximize your return. Blogs are meant to bring in traffic with content and then send them through a sales funnel once you have captured the traffic!

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