What Everyone Ought To Know About Smart FUE Transplant

People take FUE transplants as a solution to balding and hair thinning. You can get the surgery at hair transplant Los Angeles clinics. However, there are similar facilities in towns near you. But, do some due diligence on the clinic and the doctor handling your case. 

Before you take any cosmetic surgery, you need to get familiar with all the process entails. That is why we are dedicated to telling you all you ought to know about FUE transplant. The information will help you make a sound decision regarding the surgery. 

What is FUE Transplant?

FUE hair transplant is a surgery that takes place when the doctors extract individual follicles from parts of the head with dense hair. Then, they transplant the grafts in areas experiencing thinning or balding. The hair loss may be due to genetics or medical conditions. But, you should know that most people seek surgery as a last resort. Thus, they are sure it is the final solution they need to save their hair loss situation. 

This cosmetic surgery is a minor procedure that takes place in the doctor’s office. The reason the process takes more than four hours is the precision needed. If the doctor does not transplant the grafts carefully, it will reduce the surgery success rate. Also, they will expose you to nerve damage.

Who is a Suitable Candidate?

FUE transplant is suitable for both males and females. Any adult above 25 years can have the surgery. However, having the surgery at a younger age may not be a wise decision. This is because the rate of hair loss is still high. Thus, when you delay the surgery for a few years, you can have the transplant and gain more benefits. 
There are some medical conditions that may hinder you from taking the surgery. Discuss with your surgeon to understand the conditions that may stop you from having the surgery. However, it would help if you quit smoking a few months before having an FUE transplant. The chemicals you consume during smoking increases the risks after surgery.  

Also, you can check the past reaction to a surgical procedure. It will include anesthesia reactions. The history will advise the doctor on the steps to take or cancel the FUE transplant.

What are the Benefits of FUE Transplant?

There are many benefits that you get from the FUE transplant. First, it is a permanent procedure. If you have the surgery at the right time, you will solve your hair loss problem. However, it is wise to take hair therapy to prevent further hair loss. Since it is a one-time procedure, you will find that the cost is worth every penny. 

FUE hair transplant’s success rate is at 80%, but if you are healthy and a non-smoker, the success rate can rise to 98%. You will barely notice the few strands that died after the transplant. Also, the surviving strands will cover the affected area to match the rest of the head. 

Your transplanted hair will go through some shedding from 4 weeks after the surgery. But by the 8th week, you will start to notice hair growth all over your head. 

What are the Disadvantages of FUE Transplant?

There are a few downsides to the surgery. First, the FUE transplant does not stop hair loss. Thus, you will need PRP therapy to activate the dormant follicles. Also, there are some side effects that are a part of the healing process. They include pain, swelling, redness, and itching. However, they are mild symptoms and disappear after a short time. 


Hair transplant Los Angeles has a solution to your hair loss problem. They have expert surgeons that handle each case individually. When you visit them, ensure you ask all the questions you need before you schedule the surgery. However, you have an insight of things to consider as you have read in this piece of writing.

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